Best Of Spring & Summer Handbags For Under $200

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Spring is doing its best to have its moment here in Florida which means I’m officially on the hunt for the best spring/summer handbags under $200. A girl needs to accessorize right? And because I’m a woman who likes options, we’re taking today’s post in 2 parts.

For my luxury lovers or luxury-inspired, there’s a full breakdown on my youtube channel. But today is all about my favorite designer-inspired handbags. Fashion is a lifestyle. Luxury is optional. Let’s dive in!

best of spring/summer handbags for under $200

Best Spring/Summer Handbags Under $200

Pinks & Reds

It doesn’t matter how old I get there’s just something about a pink or red handbag that makes me feel alive. And to their credit, Anthropologie has done exceptionally well by providing us with some amazing options this year.

There’s something about a floral, a sparkle or a textured handbag that always catches my eye. And I could easily justify owning every single one because they are all *different*. So I won’t judge you if you decide to snag more than 2. Just make sure you tag me in your outfit photos so I can see how incredible you look! 


best of spring/summer handbags for under $200
best of spring/summer handbags for under $200

A Woven Moment

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve owned this woven round purse. It never fails to get me compliments every spring/summer. My one caveat with these bags is often – can I use you without dumping everything I own on the ground if I need to open you while standing?  

I’ve already gotten so much use out of the Paris Milano Bag. And the Cult Gaia-inspired Bamboo bag always adds a bit of fun to any look. It’s also a crowd pleaser. But truthfully, I’m obsessed the most with both Anthropologie bags – they just say elevated elegance. 



We had a chat in stories the other day during a round of “I would rock it/I don’t understand it”. And the amount of you that were team shell handbag made me SO HAPPY. Now to be fair, this bag is very much it’s own vibe. See here. But I love how much we are all open to a fun, statement moment.

That being said I will be adding this blue-striped and pearl handbag to my collection asap. With a strong 2nd purchase of the rhinestone denim bag. I’ve already styled the purple heart bag (Chanel/Barbie press tour inspired) which you can find here. I just love them all so much.

Yellows + Green

If we’re being particular, and we always are, the yellow handbags of the last few years just haven’t been it. There’s a fine line between fall yellow/spring yellow/gag-inducing yellow. Thankfully, we’re sitting very much in the spring yellow territory this year and it’s quickly become the color I’m most excited to style this spring.

As with a majority of today’s spring handbags, these do come in a few colors. Pinks, blues, whites, etc. So if you’re loving the style but need a different color for your wardrobe, give it click. You never know what may surprise you!


A Neutral Moment

I have to say over the last few years the handbag dupes have gotten scary impressive. And they are one of my favorite ways to trial a style before investing in more a luxury purchase. I.e. my beloved Bottega pouch dupe that has been warn to pieces.

We can do a separate chat about whether or not all luxury handbags are worth the investment. Because many are not (resell value not holding, they wear out easily, etc). However, it’s always a good investment to find a neutral handbag you love. Because while we know I love a colorful moment, if I should have been out the door 5 minutes ago, I’m going to grab the basic, neutral option.


If you snag any of today’s spring/summer handbags for under $200, I’d love to know! Be sure to tag me on Instagram or send me a DM. I always love chatting fashion with you babes. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you never miss a thing. And I’d love for you to join me on youtube for more styling/lifestyle content. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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