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Summer is nearly upon and with it comes the dreaded search for summer shorts. In the past, I would have simply assumed that this year would be the same. I would search high and low only to find that a. nothing looked right. b. nothing was comfortable and c. nothing really worked for pear-shaped bodies. 

My oh my how I’m THRILLED to be proven wrong. So today we’re going to chat about 1 of 2 of my favorite picks for summer shorts – and they are even THE BEST white shorts I’ve ever worn as well. Double win. Let me introduce you to the Spanx Twill Shorts my friends. Prepared to be obsessed.

spanx twill shorts

Spanx Twill Shorts Review

What Are The Spanx Twill Shorts?

A more recent launch from Spanx, these are the shorts version of some of your favorite everyday work wear meets a more casual vibe. They aren’t quite as thin or see-through as linen but not as heavy as some denim shorts. But I’d put them much more in the denim category for styling purposes. More on this in a moment.

Put simply: the spanx twill shorts are a spandex style short that pulls on and has belt loops. There are no buttons or zippers. But they do have deep pockets!

What’s The Sizing Like?

Compared to some of the leggings, I think it’s easier to nail your size with the Spanx Twill Shorts. I took my regular legging size (not necessarily my shapewear size) and it was the perfect fit. For reference, I’m anywhere between a size 12 – 16 and wear an XL currently in these.

How Many Styles And Colors Do They Come In?

Currently, the Spanx Twill Shorts comes in 2 lengths – 4 inches and 6 inches. I’m wearing the 6-inch version in today’s photos. However, I’ll likely get them altered soon for my own personal preference.

Additionally, they are available in 6 colors. Each is stunning and gives elevated, effortless chic.

Tops To Style With The Spanx Twill Shorts


spanx twill shorts


I’m going to say size up. With the caveat that I tend to find myself between sizes often and forever dealing with a back gap. *pear-shaped girl problems* I typically find that there’s at least one issue I’m trying to fix when it comes to clothes shopping. But with the material on these, it’s so moldable I don’t have those same struggles. 

There’s one small note I would make when it comes to how the fit impacts your ability to style them – see below. But overall, if you want a bit more comfort, go up. There are also belt loops on the shorts so if you want something with a bit more space in the legs, you can adjust the sizing this way.


So so comfortable! I shared a styling video on Instagram the other day featuring the Dad Cargo Shorts from AF. And they absolutely require a sit test if you’re a thicker thighed girlie.

I wore these for a full evening of shooting blog content, cooking, Bridgerton planning, eating all the snacks, and a few hours of couch time. I was SO comfortable.


If you don’t happen to know the history of Spanx, they were originally designed to be the underwear option for white pants. *Side note: I would highly recommend watching Sara Blakely’s Masterclass because it’s amazing.

Given this fact, I wasn’t worried in the slightest that there would be a see-through issue. Even more so, I had faith that there would be some smoothing on the butt for those of us who don’t love showing every bump. And my expectations were met and exceeded.

If you want a super close look at the inside, I did a video here. But there’s a subtle lining that doesn’t add any awkward lines but prevents them from being see-through. And it’s one of the major reasons I’m so obsessed with these shorts!


Spanx and Nordstrom are currently the primary stockists. But I do love a good email discount so it’s always worth starting with the brand site.


I’ve recently tested Mom shorts, Dad shorts, and Tailored Shorts alongside the Spanx Twill Shorts. I think as far as comfort, fit and elegance these take 2/3 of three for me. The Abercrombie tailored shorts win in the elegance category for me because you can’t quite tuck things in with the Twill Shorts. But I love them enough I want to buy them in every color.


I’m likely to do a more in-depth post or video on these to give you a full scope. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that. However, I do find that unless you size up in these, there’s not a lot of space to tuck anything into the top without it looking bulky underneath.

There is the option to wear a belt so you could easily size up and adjust that way if you’re looking for more space. However, for now, I’m styling these with tops that are more cropped or easily tucked under to keep that defined waist moment. But stay tuned because now that I’ve said this I’ll probably go buy a larger size just to test it for the group.


If you want to see more of how I style these in everyday life, make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter. I send you my outfit roundups every week. And if you love a microdose of fashion content daily, be sure to come follow me on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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