The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s day is only a few weeks away and we all know mom deserves the best. Whether your mom is a skincare junkie, luxury lover, a gal with simple elegant taste, a woman who enjoys a wellness focused life or a bit of all of the above, I’ve got you covered. Today I’ve rounded up the best of the best from custom pieces to the items that say I see you, I love you and thank (sometimes literally). Together we’re going to make sure mom gets the best gift! Let’s get shop friends!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

I’m very much of the school of thought that the price tag on your gift is probably the least important. Especially if your mother is anything like mine and takes AGES to use new things. Her airpods have sat untouched for over 2 years. So if the gift happens to be low budget friendly, practical and also makes your mom feels loved – sold!

For the wellness mom or sweet tooth gal, the Deux vegan & gluten free cookie doughs are incredible. There’s always at least one flavor in our fridge. You can bake them or eat them as is. Bonus points because a few have ashwaghanda which is great for helping with stress. Frenshe products are a Target favorite of mine for daily use. They also happen to be Ashley Tisdale’s brand.

There are some incredibly cute but also stylish hair clips on Amazon that make for the perfect extras in your gift round up. Libro.Fm is perfect for the mom that loves audiobooks – it’s a monthly subscription service similar to Audible that lets you support small bookstores.  And we know I can’t live without the Dior Lip oil. It’s so good!

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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $150

We all know moms want to look good but there’s always the juggle of time. And it seems like there is never enough. The mermaid waver is perfect for that quick every day wavy look without adding an extra 20 minutes to your morning routine.

I fell in love with East Olivia on instagram a few years ago because of their unique and colorful forever floral arrangements. You can get them in a TON of color variations. So if you prefer a more muted palate they have options, don’t be scared of the bright pink below. Add in a hand written note (borrowed poems are welcome if words are not your forte). And you’ve got a thoughtful, beautiful and lasting present.

I’m absolutely intrigued and excited by the idea of growing an avocado plant indoors. Whether your mom is an incredible gardener or the occasional dabbler, this is such a fun way too bring a bit of joy into every day life.

Ps. If you follow me on instagram, you may recognize my favorite jelly sandals and the moisturizer that has gotten me ALL the skin compliments.


A Luxury Mother’s Day Gift

Wearable tech has only grown in it’s ability to support our health and wellness in the last 10 years. And one of my favorite additions to both support my mental health but also tracking fertility/as a natural birth control alternative is my Oura Ring (natural cycles required for the birth control side of things). I’d highly suggest getting a sizing kit as the inner monitoring nodules make the fit a little tighter. But Best Buy has them on sale currently for $50 off.

I’ve recently become obsessed with all things perfume and Oriana by Parfum de Marly is my daily choice. You can find sample sizes on Lucky Scent & Twisted Lily if you want to do a pre-gift trial run. And of course, who doesn’t love a scarf moment. This Loewe scarf is perfect for elevating your look or a handbag.

Lastly, there’s always a custom jewelry moment. I’m loving all things Ring Concierge at the moment and they have an amazing selection of options to customize. As well as payment plans via Affirm.

Extra extra bonus points for paying for mom’s reformer pilates classes for the month. Because we know mom’s need time alone/adult time/a way to move their body for their mental health. And pilates is an amazing, low impact option.

What will you buy mom this mother’s day? I’d love to hear about what you’re loving and finding for your loved ones this year. Let me know in the comments below. And if you want more guides like this, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a thing. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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