I Signed A Contract With Myself For 6 Months

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Today’s episode is all about taking action and achieving your goals. This is even when you feel overwhelmed by life’s endless possibilities. We’re going to discuss how I signed a six-month contract with myself. Also, how it has helped me create healthy boundaries and achieve consistency when pursuing my goals. 


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As someone who is always trying to explore new possibilities and seek growth, I find I can get lost in the abundance of options available. It’s like scrolling on Netflix forever, not being able to decide what to watch. I had all this knowledge and wanted to put it into action, but I struggled to find the right direction.


That’s when I decided to sign a contract with myself. I know it might seem like a big commitment, but the beauty of a contract is that it has an end date. For me, signing a contract had a different level of authority than making a promise to myself. It allowed me to create healthy boundaries and put things into motion consistently. I had to find what would work for me, and a contract with a specific timeline gave me that structure.

In my contract, I outlined what I want to achieve in the next six months and how I will do it. I made sure to give myself space for fun things, but I also wanted to be intentional about it. For example, I love reading, but I noticed that I was spending too much time reading fiction and not enough time pursuing my goals. So, I added a clause to my contract that I would only read one fiction book per week. It’s a small change, but it helps me be more intentional about how I spend my time.

The idea of a contract might seem daunting to some, but worth considering if you struggle to find consistency when pursuing your goals. It helps you create a clear roadmap and hold yourself accountable. And, as I said earlier, it has an end date, so you don’t have to commit to it forever.

Today’s episode is a reminder to learn the importance of self-care on your journey toward greatness while tapping into your inner strength and determination to overcome obstacles and reach success. A contract with yourself might be just the thing that helps you find that balance.

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