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With every season, I’m always amazed by how my makeup changes. The items I’m trying, loving and testing are never what I’d expect to be using. And I’m constantly surprised by how I fall in love with new looks and products every few months. This season is no expect. My summer makeup seems to have two modes: all out or very simple. So today I’ve done a round up of both. The products I’m loving, using and carting everywhere with me this summer all in one place. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

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The Classics

Before we dive into the new, I thought I’d do a round up of the classics. There are a few products that have held strong that I’ve still using. Also, they apparently last forever because it’s been a solid 6 months since I did an update makeup bag post and these are still here: 

Kjaer Weis Translucent Powder* – recently repurchased and still loving for my under eye

Clove + Hollow Foundation powder* – used to set my base or any cream products I want to top with powder; also great for light makeup days 

Plume Brow Pomade* – still going strong & still well loved

Antonym Blush in Baked Rose* – will forever love and need to try the peach when it comes back in stock

RMS Uncover Up* – used as a classic under concealer and also as a foundation (more below)

Fitglow Concealer* – one of my favorites for concealing any spots without tons of products; gets the job done

Summer Makeup - What's In My Clean Makeup Bag #whatsavvysaid #antonym #summermakeup #cleanmakeup #nontoxicbeauty #aetherbeauty #beis #w3llpeople #bitebeauty

The Base

Surprisingly enough, I’ve been trying new primers. My Coola Dawn Patrol Primer* and I are still on good terms. I have one on the go and a back up. But lately I’ve found myself switching between two other options: Honest’s Everyday Glow Primer* & Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer*. The Honest primer is perfect for when I want a more glow-y look and it pairs well with my foundation choice this summer. I tend to reach for the Tatcha more when I’m opting for full cover days or just want a more matte look. However, both are under $30 and well used in my routine.


Foundation wise, I’ve been bouncing between two choices as well. I don’t know I’ll ever be a here is my only choice gal. I like options. Ilia’s True Skin Serum foundation* has been amazing at giving me a light coverage with a bit of glow. I’ve had it for a while but it’s only recently that I’ve fallen in love with it. There’s also my RMS Uncover Up* that has been bumped up from concealer to foundation. After watching The Anna Edit’s video with Katie Jane Hughes. I was inspired to play with some new combos. I tend to use Uncover Up with a fluffy brush but all over. I still have some acne scarring I’d like to blur out. It gives me a nice, light base that isn’t too much on the skin. Perfect for my summer makeup goals!

Summer Makeup - What's In My Clean Makeup Bag #whatsavvysaid #antonym #summermakeup #cleanmakeup #nontoxicbeauty #aetherbeauty #beis #w3llpeople #bitebeauty
Summer Makeup - What's In My Clean Makeup Bag #whatsavvysaid #antonym #summermakeup #cleanmakeup #nontoxicbeauty #aetherbeauty #beis #w3llpeople #bitebeauty


I actually haven’t purchased a new bronzer in a while. My goal is to be intentional about using up what I have before I buy new products. Clean beauty tends to have a shorter shelf life so I’d rather not have to chuck loads of products in the trash. Most days, I’ve been opting for either Vapour’s Foundation Stick in 135* or the Solar Translucent Bronzer* as my contour. Topped with a bit of powder, I like to follow it with my well loved Lilah B. Bronzed Beauty bronzer*. The mix of cool toned and orange toned bronzers means I get a nice color to round out my need to look slightly tan. I’m still on my first one and it’s lasted well over a year. Plus, it makes a lovely eye shadow.

For highlight, I’ve been using my RMS Living Luminizer*. As you can see, I’ve been shopping my stash this year. Slowly but surely I’ve found myself migrating towards a more subtle look on a day to day basis. And this cream highlighter is perfect. I apply it with a stipple brush to keep my pot clean. It also makes it easier to be precise with application. 


Most days, I use my bronzer or blush as an eyeshadow. Super easy, super quick and less fuss. But on the days I’min the mood to play, I’ve been using either Aether Beauty’s Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette* or their Rose Quartz Palette*. Crystal Grid is perfect for a fun liner or a bold eye. Rose Quartz is a regular for a more classic, elegant summer makeup look. And because I still have them, I also occasionally play in my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes.

As far as mascara goes, I’m currently using a new trio: lashfood’s conditioning primer*, w3ll people’s mascara* and fitglow’s mascara*. I don’t know that I’m 100% sold on any of them yet. And I’ll definitely hunt for a more affordable option when my Fitglow one runs out. However for now, these gals are doing the trick at giving me longer and more fuller looking lashes. 


By far one of my favorite discoveries in my summer makeup this year has been Bite Beauty’s Outburst Longwear Lip Stain*. It comes in 3 colors and I’ve gradually purchases them all. Each color is vibrant, unique and wears all dang day. I love that it starts bold, goes matte and stays on no matter what I eat or drink. It’s been the perfect summer makeup essential and I couldn’t be more obsessed!

So there we have it babes. Everything that’s in my summer makeup bag all in one place. The more I focus in on skincare, the more I’m enjoying a very simple look day to day with a bold lip. And I’m beyond obsessed with what I currently have on hand.

What about you? What are you currently using and loving? What’s in your summer makeup bag? Any clean makeup products I need in my life? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know. And feel free to share this with someone you want to encourage to make the jump to clean beauty. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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