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The last few years we’ve lived in crisis mode. With everything from a hurricane to more than one funeral to lots of travel, saving time and staying healthy have been our top priorities. Thankfully, the internet is filled with loads of amazing places to buy groceries online. So today, I’m rounding up the places that I buy things again and again plus a few new discoveries. Everything you need to stay home, stay healthy and save time! Let’s dive in.

16 Places To Buy Groceries Online #whatsavvysaid #healthyfood #groceryshopping


I’ve been obsessed with Vitacost for several years now. They have AMAZING customer service. My products always arrive well protected and we’ve ordered everything including chips, giant bottles of olive oil and chocolate.  I’ve never had a bad experience with them. I pretty much stock a majority of our pantry from Vitacost with the exception of a few items (i.e. items we buy in bulk like nuts). But I buy things like fave paleo chocolate like Hu Kitchen, salad dressings like Primal Kitchen, Birch Benders Pancake mix, bone both, etc. There’s typically a coupon floating around and they work with sites like Ebates as well so you get cash back. Who doesn’t love to save a little extra when you buy groceries online?

Grass Roots Coop

When I finally added meat back into my diet after being plant based for over 4 years, it was very important to me that I focus on quality. I didn’t want to just eat meat for the sake of eating it. If I was going to incorporate it again, it needed to actually serve a purpose in helping me heal my hormones, my gut and clearing my acne. It was around then I learned about pasture raised meats, grass fed & finished beef and wild-caught seafood. I’m sure I could give you a mini-novel on the importance of all of them but the short version is: we eat what they ate

Our focus in the WSS household is eating for wellness with the occasional treat. And because that means a paleo based diet, we have to be extra mindful of where our meat comes from. We’ve also found that you can truly taste a difference. The current place we buy meat from is Grass Roots Coop. It’s incredibly flexible which I love. So if I have a month where we’re into chicken or turkey burgers, I can buy more of that or I can stock up on whole chickens for roasting.

They cover everything except for seafood. But if you like bacon, lamb, beef, chicken or turkey, this is a great option! Everything is vacuum sealed and frozen so it arrives very cold straight to your door. I have a discount for $30 off your first order, so be sure to use it! You can find the link here. Hands down, they have made being on the go a lot easier because I can buy my groceries online and not have to sacrifice the quality of my meat. 


We are LOYAL amazon prime members. Like I order everything from Amazon. Living in a small town and having a speciality diet change be very challenging and amazon makes that life a lot easier. Subscribe and save is a frequent choice in our house. We use it for dog food, protein powder, smart sweets (life essential for me), laundry detergent and other odds and ends. I could give you an entire list of everything we buy but that would make this post super long! So instead, I’d recommend checking out my amazon store. I’ve got it all organized into categories. But I always double check prices there on things like bars, powders, cacao nibs and anything I’m buying in bulk. 


If you’re looking to simply your month grocery shopping, Butcherbox is a great option. They have 4 standard boxes including a mixed box (chicken, beef & pork), a beef box, a beef & pork box, a beef & chicken box and a custom box. If you want just chicken, which is what we did for a while, you’ll need to do a custom box. They have add on options like wild caught salmon, breakfast sausage and bacon. 

Butcherbox is great if you want a consistency in your monthly grocery budget. You can adjust how often you get a box. And their quality is fab. Plus, If you’re looking to buy groceries online and like beef, chicken and pork, this is a great way to streamline and make it simple! They typically having a sign up bonus. You can also get $30 off your first order here

Sitka Salmon Shares

We are big seafood eaters so when I learned about Sitka Salmon shares, I was very quickly won over. They offer sustainable seafood options that support independent, small boat, family fisherman. The shares run from April until December. Each month’s selection is different based on what’s seasonally available. You can opt for a plan that feeds 2 people per month, 4 people per month or 6 people per month. And there are 4 different box options available. Regardless of what you choose, you’re getting amazing quality and supporting small businesses which is my fave! I love knowing who I’m supporting. I’ll have a discount code for you in a few weeks so stay tuned! If you want to save $25 off your first box, be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter

Thrive Market

If you prefer to shop for everything in one place, Thrive Market is going to be your jam. They cover it all. Clean wine, high quality meats and pantry staples all under one membership. Think of them like your online Sam’s or Costco. They sell clean beauty, Thrive Market brand basics and pretty much everything you could possibly want for your pantry. Perfect for keeping it simple and getting thing delivered directly to your front door. They also have a discount for your first order where you can get up to $20 off. Now you can buy your groceries online without having to leave the house with or without a quarantine restriction. 

Imperfect Foods

I wish that this was available for PC residents. However, we aren’t on the list for Imperfect Foods yet. Thankfully, I have friends who utilize them and love the quality of their produce. Essentially, they sell you the foods that don’t look nice enough to make it on the supermarket shelves for a discount. You can choose between organic and conventional produce. A conventional box starts at $16 and an organic one at $24. 

It’s all customizable so you can choose what you’re getting and how often. And then they pack it up and ship it right to your front door. It’s that easy. 


The only store on the list with both pick up and delivery options, Walmart is the one place to buy groceries online that I think everyone has access to in the US. And they pretty much cover it all. If you’re got a specialty diet or you just need to stock up, you can get it delivered right to your door step. One less errand you have to run so you can stay safely tucked in at home or just save a bit of your precious time.

Total Wine

If you’re looking to restock your wine stash, Total Wine is a fab option. However, there is a catch. Not every state does home delivery for alcohol. But you have the option to get it delivered to your door with the fabulous total wine prices which is a major win in my book.

Reserve Bar

I stumbled onto Reserve Bar ages ago when I first learned about Casamigos. They cover everything from wine to spirits to mixers with a focus on the high end drinks. If you’re looking for a celebrity owned alcohol or brand, it can be found here. It’s great for gifting but also they have a wonderful, curated selection. They have a reward system so you earn points that can be redeemed as cash in store. Perfect for making sure you’re ready to celebrate Cinco De Mayo from home or when you need to buy a nice present.

Prime Now

This one is a bit more limited but a great option that covers all sorts of items. I’ve used Prime Now for everything from food to phone cases. You have the option to get things from Amazon or Whole Foods delivered. And as long as you meet the $35 minimum, you get free delivery!


A frequently used service in our house, Instacart is our go to for groceries every other week. I love a good grocery store run but sometimes you just need to get things done. And if I can save a bit of time and money (because I’m not aimlessly browsing or shopping in store when I’m hungry 😂), then I’m all for it! Depending on where you live, Instacart will offer different stores for you to buy your groceries online. You can use either their app or the website. I love it because you can schedule a shop ahead of time. 

This was a go to when I worked in film. Set days are long and you often don’t buy groceries other than small bits. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are handled there. You never know when you’re going to finish shooting on a Friday but if you don’t have breakfast in the pantry Saturday morning and you need to do laundry, it’s not a fun time. Instacart means you can re-coop at home while someone else does your shopping making it a little easier for you.


Another grocery delivery service, Shipt is another go to option in the WSS house. There are a few places that I’ve found utilize Shipt instead of Instacart. And depending on where you live, they might be the better option. You can get everything from alcohol to produce to pantry essentials delivered from them. If you want to save $50 on the yearly membership, you can use my code (MbHB7). They also have a small delivery fee per order. 


Traditionally, you’ll find restaurants and other miscellaneous places on Postmates. They are a fave of mine to use when traveling or if I want to surprise a friend who is having a bad day with a sweet treat. But they also feature stores like Walgreens and more depending on your area. Use my code (1ZCYM) for $25 off your first delivery.


If you’re looking to save time or money on the traditional bulk shopping store memberships, boxed is a great option. You get all the benefits of buying in bulk but without the hassle of going into a store. Plus, there’s no yearly or monthly fee. They have sparkling water, pantry essentials, cleaning items and more all available on their site.


Another online delivery service, they stock everything from frozen foods to toiletries to ice cream. So essentially, the basics. They aren’t available everywhere yet. However, they are rapidly expanding which is great!


Thankfully while writing this post, World Market reminded me via text that they are open and they ship. There’s a small selection of pantry basics, specialty foods, beers and wine available. But if you need something and find that your options for buying groceries online are limited right now, they are available! 

HiLine Coffee

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I love my morning latte. And while I often order my pods straight from Nespresso, I love that HiLine Coffee is available. They have organic coffee options for both nespresso and keurig. You can also get beans. Their customer service is wonderful. I had an issue with my first order and they sent me an entire bag as a replacement for free. So fab! Love love love them for making grocery shopping a bit easier.

Okay friends, I think we’ve covered the basics. So whether you’re looking to keep yourself stocked up or you need to buy for a loved one, you now have several to consider buying groceries online. Stay safe and healthy! And please share this post with a friend! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

16 Places To Buy Groceries Online #whatsavvysaid #healthyfood #groceryshopping
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