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Where We Ate In Nashville – V/GF Friendly

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If there’s anything you should know about me by now, it’s that I love food. Some people may go on vacation to see all the places or try new things. I’m down to play tourist. But I definitely want to find all the best places to eat along the way. And then I want to share them with you!

Not everywhere we ate in Nashville was new this go around. A few places are chains or I’ve been to in past trips. We also opted to eat a few meals at our airbnb just to keep the food budget in check. However, there wasn’t a single place we ate during our Nashville trip that wasn’t fabulous. So if you’re on the hunt for good food with vegan or gluten free options, I’ve got you covered. Today, we’re chatting everywhere we ate in Nashville during our 4 day trip.

Where We Ate In Nashville #whatsavvysaid #nashvilletn #glutenfree #paleofriendly #caferose #breakfast #fab41

Cafe Roze

I can’t say I’ve ever been in a cafe quite like this one. It’s the millennial instagramer’s dream. But it also has amazing food. Everything from their signature rose latte to my breakfast with kabobs hit the spot. The food was hot and fresh. It was plated in a way that looked like art. And we had the loviest waitress who also happened to be from PC.

The menu included everything from vegan to gluten free options. Beet hummus, mint berries and french fries were all available and delicious! We ended up here around 9am on Thursday and it wasn’t busy at all. Overall, Cafe Roze was super cute, so fun and made for the perfect first stop on our foodie vacation. I’d highly recommend it!

Bar Taco

Way back in the archives of the blog, you’ll find a Bar Taco post. It happens to be a chain that I’ve previously visited in Atlanta. When lunch rolled around, I wasn’t overwhelmingly starving. Too much coffee and not enough sleep meant I really only wanted small nibbles for lunch. Bar Taco was the perfect choice.

Their menu has loads of fun taco options and basic choices for the not so adventurous. We ate at the one near Draper James* that featured a nice chunk of outdoor seating. It was definitely too hot to enjoy it when we went but I imagine it would be nice in the fall. I also love that Bar Taco is rather affordable. So if you’re looking for a lighter lunch choice that isn’t too much on your budget, this is definitely one to put on your list!

Five Daughter’s Bakery

Many trips to Five Daughter’s were made on this trip in Nashville. We are lucky enough to have 2 on 30A so it’s a regular in my life at home. But the bakery is based in Nashville and offered more paleo donut flavors that I’d never tried.

Everything from salted caramel to mint chocolate was on the menu. So of course, we got one of everything and split them up to taste test. Whether you love a classic donut or prefer something a bit more speciality, Five Daughter’s Bakery is always on my must stop list no matter where I am. Plus, they have vegan and gluten free options!

Where We Ate In Nashville #whatsavvysaid #nashvilletn #glutenfree #paleofriendly #santo #birthdaydinner
Where We Ate In Nashville #whatsavvysaid #nashvilletn #glutenfree #paleofriendly #caferose #breakfast #fab41


When I started my googling for Nashville, I stumbled across The Nashville Edit, an online publication and magazine that covers everything new and fun you need to know about Nashville. Thankfully, it was also packed with restaurant recommendations for popular places that seemed right up our street. 

Santo was one of my favorite meals but a bit more challenging to find. To be honest, the directions we got on the phone were terrible and the GPS didn’t help. If you go, just know it’s in the same building as True Food Kitchen but on the street side. You’ll need reservations and according the website you aren’t allowed to wear shorts. But if you can get past all of the hurdles, the food is fabulous.

We each got something different based on the waiter’s recommendation. I should note that this might not be the most vegan friendly place to eat. Finding dairy and gluten free options here was more challenging. I loved my meal but I do think others might struggle. All in all, the meal was fairly on point with what I’d expect to pay for this restaurant. Think $25-40 a meal. Our drinks were lovely. And the service was a bit meh. However, I would recommend checking it out if you’re in the Green Hills area of Nashville.


My second find from the Nashville Edit was Epice, a Lebanese lunch spot tucked away in 12South. Again, we made reservations here. At this point in the trip, we had a party of 6 and it was just easier. But we were served quickly, found options for everyone’s diet and had a highly entertaining waiter.

Even those of my friends who are picky eaters enjoy their meals, mostly. If you prefer your hashbrowns crispy, you might want to skip the side of potatoes. The atmosphere was lovely and very open. Prices were standard for a lunch fare, $10-15 a plate. In general, the restaurant isn’t large but it didn’t feel overly crowded. Overall, I’d happily go here again. 


I can’t say I’ve ever had a breakfast experience like The Pfunky Griddle. There is no call ahead option or reservations available for this one. So the earlier you can get in, the better. We waited less than 10 minutes to be served. The idea here is that you serve/make your own breakfast. Each table or section has it’s own hot griddle. And you get to make them yourself.

The pancakes are unlimited. We each opted for the combo that lets you choose pancakes, toppings and a few other things. It was rather entertaining to watch everyone try to figure out how to flip pancakes when we had 3 people per flattop. Also, if you get the hashbrowns, I’d advise starting those first because they take a while. 

Nevertheless, this was a fun way to start our Saturday. We had a great time laughing at our cooking skills and enjoying the random combos of pancakes we came up with. If you’re looking for a way to snag a large breakfast without paying a crazy price, this was a fun option. However, be warned that the heat from the griddles might start to irritate your eyes after a while. Eye drops are advised.

Where We Ate In Nashville #whatsavvysaid #nashvilletn #glutenfree #paleofriendly #caferose #breakfast #fab41
Where We Ate In Nashville #whatsavvysaid #nashvilletn #glutenfree #paleofriendly #caferose #breakfast #fab41

Tupelo Honey

When I originally chose this place, I had no idea it was a cafe. It doesn’t look like one at all but the sign on the door said otherwise. Who knew? The menu seemed like a fun take on southern food with a flare for being healthier. To be honest, it was exactly what I expected. Everything from cauliflower bites & roasted brussel sprouts to mac and cheese bites were on the menu. We tried the different takes on mimosas, a variety of chicken and of course our standard: french fries.

I’m not sure if there’s more than one location in Nashville for Tupelo Honey. We went to the Franklin location after the wine bar. But it was definitely worth the trip. I’ll happily eat anywhere that gives me options and I don’t have to substitute out the wazoo. If you’re looking for southern food but need to be able to eat dairy free or gluten free, I’d definitely check out Tupelo Honey!

JJ’s Wine Bar

Oh JJ’s Wine Bar, how I love you. But seriously, I’ve done an entire blog post on this place and it’s still one of my favorites. You can opt to order from their full menu. I’d recommend trying the truffle cashews. But the main feature here is their wine tasting.

JJ’s does a unique version of wine tasting. You preload a card, quite similar to Dave & Busters, and use it to purchase various ounces of wine from the machines. You can also order by the glass or bottle from their menu. But the wine machines make it more interactive and give you the chance to try wines for cheaper/small amounts. The cards cost $3 but they never expire. So if you don’t use your total credit, you can save it for the next time. We opted to bounce around and try quite a few things including the priciest bottle in the machine. Any guesses who used her money for that one? 

JJ’s is one of my favorite places to recommend or take people in Franklin. It’s not too far from Nashville but it’s the perfect activity where everyone gets to spend time together. I’d highly recommend checking it out for date night or your next girls night out!

True Food Kitchen

And last but not least is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in Atlanta. Except this happened to be where we went for our last meal in Nashville. Whoops. If you’re into healthier eating, have any kind of food restriction or just like food, you need to go here. True Food Kitchen has won over many of my friends hearts and stomachs no matter their diet. It’s just that good.

All in all, I’d say that our food choices are ones I’d repeat again. Everywhere we went provided us with the opportunity to try a new food or experience. Some were definitely a bit more interactive than others. I think one of my favorite memories from the trip will be the pancake combo made at the Pfunky Griddle. And we were certainly given the chance the eat in a way we don’t normally at home. 


Do you have a favorite place to eat in Nashville? Where should I go next time I’m in town? Leave me a comment and let me know. And feel free to share this with anyone you think might need the inspiration. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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