5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible

5 Books That Are Even Better As Audiobooks

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When it comes to reading books, I have a confession. I’m not a patient person. My reading habits over the years have given me the ability to consume novels very quickly and much like I’d watch a movie, in one sitting. So when it comes to audiobooks, I always find my lack of patience being tested. In the time it takes for me to listen to one audiobook, I mostly likely could have read two books on my own. Some times, I just want to know what the heck happens. Do they end up together? Is that person the killer? How does it end? I need to know!

But like everything in life, there is always an exception. He’s Just Not That Into You, anyone? There will always be the audiobooks I’d choose over the regular novel and vice versa. And if you were to peek at my audible* account these days, you’d find one very noticeable theme. Almost all of my audiobooks are author read autobiographies. So today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites, the audiobooks I just could’t put down and a few that would probably be even better read aloud than the original.

5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible


I will humbly admit I’ve used my fair share of free audible credits. I’ve found all the ways to do the trials and score the books. It’s a small joy in my life. But a couple of years ago, I found myself bouncing around quite a bit during the holidays and put my credits to use. The first up on the list, Anna Kendrick’s debut novel, Scrappy Little Nobody.

I’ve been a massive fan of Anna for a few years now. When Pitch Perfect came out, I remember everyone’s shock and awe at her ability to sing. Of course, everyone quickly discovered after that she’s previously been on broadway. But it’s more than her story that makes this one of my favorite audiobooks. Plenty of author’s read their own work when it gets published. Anna does an amazing job at infusing her personality even more within the story. It is a brief but very interesting looking into the career and life of someone who’s found her own footing in the film industry. And definitely something I think is worth giving a listen.


The second of my holiday audible credit spree was another wishlist novel, Talking As Fast As I Can. Another woman whose career I’ve followed for years, I had no doubt Lauren’s audiobook would be amazing. From little behind the scenes bits about the newest Gilmore Girls installment to stories about tougher career times, it’s hard not to love Lauren Graham. She tells her story as though she was talking to a friend. I haven’t gotten around to listening to this one again but it’s definitely on my list. I’d also suggest following this audiobook up with her Unqualified podcast episode with Anna Faris. They make for the perfect roadtrip soundtrack. 

5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible
5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible


During my time in Atlanta, I often found myself traveling back and forth to Birmingham. The trip itself isn’t too long. But it’s where’s my love of author read audiobooks started. And if I remember correctly, this was the book that sparked the fire. Despite the delayed discovery, I went on a Mindy Project binge watching marathon a few years back. So my new found favorite tv show led me to her 2nd novel and one of my absolute favorite audiobooks to date.

As always, Mindy is filled with wit and amazing stories. Her voice is genuine and it’s incredibly easy to get lost in her tales. As far as audiobooks go, this one is quite short. But it’s perfect for a day trip or as your morning car companion. I can’t recommend it enough to my friends. And it’s one everyone will enjoy.


Fun fact about working in film: the hours are long. The irony is you don’t get to watch as much tv or movies as you’d think. But it doesn’t stop us from trying. A couple of years ago, I was working in the office on a production. We were shooting into the later evening which is standard for film and we were getting close to wrapping for the day. However, this wasn’t just a normal day in the office. It was TGIT and the premiere for the newest season of Scandal. And we were on a mission to watch it.

The production ran a feed from set to see what’s filming in a few offices but it no longer mattered. It was time to see what Olivia Pope was getting up to in Washington DC. Eventually, we all got settled in finish the last leg of work for the day with our Scandal dilemma solved and I decided to tweet about the mad rush in our studio offices. I tagged Shonda on a whim to show support and a few hours later found I had a new twitter follower: Shonda Rhimes.

I’ve been a fan of Shonda since the days of Greys. And even though I’ve neglected the show for years, I couldn’t help but admire her career. Year of Yes went on my travel audiobooks list very quickly. I’m not sure I knew what I was getting into when I selected this book. At the time in my life, I felt like I said yes more than I said no. But to this day, some of my favorite sayings came from this book. Whether you’re a mom, a ceo, a college student or a human, Shonda has something to teach you. The woman who has shared story after story shares her own. Her story is motivating and a great reminder that we each walk our own paths. And of course, having the author read her own work makes it even more amazing.

5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible
5 Audiobooks That Are Even Better Than The Book #whatsavvysaid #audiobooks #bookworm #audible #myaudible


Of my current audiobooks collection, this is newest and definitely the most different. It’s also one that comes to life in a completely new way when Gabrielle reads it. It’s not a light novel. And it’s not going to make you laugh constantly. But it’s one to challenge your way of thinking and give a new perspective to the actress who has been crushing it for years.

I’m currently only about half way through. Some of the heavier topics have included rape and gang deaths. So I find that I need to be mentally prepared for the depth that comes with listening to Gabrielle’s story. Nevertheless, it’s one that needs to be heard. And listening to it on audiobook means there’s no skimming or hiding from the harsh topics she is shedding light on. Do yourself a favor, download this one.


My audible wishlist is rather long these days. But if you’re lucky enough to have a library that loans audiobooks, there are a few more I’d add to the list. And while I haven’t listened to these books, the hardback copy won me over. So I can only imagine how amazing the author read version will be. Bossypants by Tina Fey* will always be a favorite. One of my first autobiographies and still a favorite book today.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis* is another on the list. I got such an incredible response from recent posts about the book. And many have told me the audiobook was just as amazing. Lastly, I’d recommend Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert*. I recently finished Big Magic* with her narrating. She was captivating and able to give me new perspective on a creative life. I had no doubts that her best selling story would be even better with her voice behind it.

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