5 Books To Read If You’re Ready To Take Money More Seriously

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As we so often discuss, I was one of those people who wasn’t truly prepared for adulthood or money. Savings. Investing. Finding ease with money. That didn’t exist in my house. Add in a career choice or two that wasn’t exactly traditional or guaranteed a consistent paycheck – and the learning curve for financial independence was steep.

But over the last 4 years, I’ve invested into a higher education in all things money. And there is a lot to be learned. Money like dieting and health is filled with a LOT of opinions. People will give you all kinds of advice for what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your money. This isn’t that post.

However, this is the post that I would mail back in time to my 16-year-old self with the essentials. These are the tools that can empower you to start making changes now and don’t require an advanced degree. They will also help you develop the relationship you need with money to continue to grow into the wealthiest most supported version of yourself. Truthfully, these are the tools that have changed my life. These are the 5 books  you need to read if you’re ready to take money more seriously.

Best Books about Money: a stack of book with mug on it

Rich As F*ck by Amanda Frances

In order to understand how you get to live and be with money as well as how to maintain the wealth you desire – we need to break down some beliefs. Ninety-nine percent of money books don’t talk about this but they should. However, given Amanda’s background in counseling and her psychology degrees, she is the perfect person to walk you through this. 

Some of my favorite quotes from Rich As F*ck:

“I don’t believe debt is bad – it’s just a vibration. It is a choice to pay something off over time.”

“Money is a living prayer, an extension of goodwill, love, and force to create the kind of world I want to see.”

“You go from viewing yourself as someone who money is an obstacle for who is learning how to intentionally attract money, to viewing yourself as someone who money is standard, automatic, and natural for, who simply has financial fears or doubts to work through as they arise.”

“Money was hard, now money is easy. Money was for them, now money is for all of us. Money was always creating problems, now money is always providing solutions.”

It’s incredibly rare to have a book just on your relationship to money. And the important part of this specific book, as well as why it’s the foundation for today’s conversation, is that the most powerful you’ll do on this journey is to learn to trust yourself with money. To know and believe that you’re capable of making big and small financial decisions that multiply for you 10 fold.

If you want to release the struggle dynamic with money, you have to know that another reality is available. Rich As F*ck is the tool that makes everything else here today stronger.

Best Books about Money: top view of a coffee mug on a stack of books

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m prepping to negotiate on a new car. In the past, I’ve done this quite poorly and just accepted my fate. This time I’m prepared, confident, and extra grateful for this book.

Now while most people, read men, would give you this blog post with the expectations of here are all the ways you make money work for you once you have it. I want to help you take ownership of the fact that you get to have money, you get to ask for more money and then you get to ask for more. Iykyk.

Chris Voss, the author of Never Split The Difference and a former international hostage negotiator gives you tools that work from the most casual conversations (ex. The waiter’s whose language change meant a 70% increase in tip) to the big negotiations in business/buying a house/life.

Some of my favorite quotes from Never Split The Difference:

“Negotiation is the heart of collaboration.”

“You can use your voice to intentionally reach into someone’s brain and flip an emotional switch.”

“By repeating back what people say, you trigger this mirroring instinct and your counterpart will inevitably elaborate on what was jus said and sustain the process of connecting.”

Girls That Invest by Simran Kaur

I really wanted a book on investing. Just investing. If we haven’t figured out by now, I’m a fan of letting experts be experts. And when I found myself trying to find a way to understand the stock market so that I could take action now not when I potentially had $10k lying around in a few years, this book helped me see the way in.

Truthfully, there’s still a lot of the stock market I’m learning. Things like international stocks, understanding dividend stocks, efts, index funds, etc. It’s a new degree in life we get to obtain. But Simran does a great job at breaking it all down. I’ve highlighted countless passages (thank goodness for Kindle copies with easy bookmark referencing). If you want your first stock market bible, this is it.

Some of my favorite quotes from Girls That Invest:

“‘Mutual funds’ when they speak about actively managed funds and they refer to index funds as passive funds.”

“If our S&P 500 index fund was a straw basket, a hedge fund is a gold-plated Hermès Birkin bag.”

“According to BagHunter, Birkin bags have outperformed the S&P 500 for the last 35 years.”

“Investors who want cash flow, aka a lump sum hitting their bank account four times a year, invest for dividends.”

top view of standing books

Too Rich To Be Stressed by Dividend John

There are quite a few books on dividends. And most of them have A LOT of to say. We can dig more into those in another blog post in the future (subscribe to the newsletter here so you don’t miss it). But this book felt like a solid step stone that didn’t require learning an entire new language in order to even think about taking the first step.

At this point in my journey, and maybe yours too, you don’t need to rehash the same thing you’ve read multiple times. So I’d say grab the audiobook and pick the chapters that will actually give you something new. Or the kindle version – it’s free on kindle unlimited and under 100 pages.

The idea behind dividend investing is you’re putting money into a company that consistently pays you – typically quarterly or monthly – with the intention that you either reinvest that payment (dividend) back into the company to make more. Or you keep it as income. 

Many love the idea of investing in a way that means when you’re ready to stop working you can trade a pay check for being paid with your dividends. There’s obviously more to that and this book helps you take the first step in starting to breakdown those entry barriers.

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins

There are a lot of takeaways when it comes to a Tony Robbins book. But the theme of his financial book series for me is you don’t what you don’t know. And what you don’t know could transform your entire financial life – so it’s time to question everything.

This book will prepare you for how to get comfortable with the inevitable chaos of the stock market, understanding what it actually means to invest in retirement, giving you a closer look at what you need to know before trusting someone else with your large investment, opening your eyes to the fees that could cost you thousands with your 401k and more.

As with the other four books today, I find that these are almost textbooks for my financial life. I listen. I take notes. I absorb the information. And then as I continue to level up, I come back to them time and time again for whatever feels the most relevant in my life at the time.


Where To Go From Here

I love a bit of bonus information when I can share it plus if you’re ready to take action/experiment, let me introduce you to a few new tools. Disclaimer: this is not financial advice. I am not liable for your choices. Proceed knowing you are taking full responsibility for your actions. Thanks.


I don’t remember how I stumbled onto this website last year but before I had money to invest, this was a great way for me to practice trusting myself with money and my portfolio. Investopedia is a website with great information but they also have a simulation game that let’s you play as a investor. 

At the time of writing this post, I’m ranked 233,613 out of 1.7 million plus players with a 10% annual return on my fake investments. So I’d say I’m quite proud of myself and the little I’ve dabbled here.

If you read Rich As F*ck, you’ll know it’s important to get comfortable with the idea of having money, releasing money and trusting yourself with money. And it gets a bit easier when you can use a tool like this to trial your version of investing on a big scale with zero consequences.


I always thought that in order to invest, I would need to save a chunk of money and go from there. But that means a. Waiting b. The barrier to entry feels more challenging. Neither of which are necessarily true and Robinhood is one of my favorite resources for getting started now while also continuing to grow my money.

You’ll learn as you go that even if you become a stock market girlie, you’re going to want to have a high yield savings account (something that gives you money for letting money sit there). There are several options available but in addition to letting you invest, Robinhood also offers HYS accounts (at around 5% at the time of this post).

I think the first investment I made was $2. Seriously. I knew that if I kept waiting to invest with bigger numbers it would just become a thing so I signed up, added a bank account and invested $2. That first action made it even easier to take the second and the third. 

You will always hear that time is the biggest advantage when it comes to making money. And thankfully, we live in a time where there are options to play that don’t require tricking the bouncer at the door into thinking you’re carrying bags of cash. You can quite literally change your life by spending the same amount you’d dish out on a dollar menu at McDonalds.

PS. I have a link that gets you get money towards for your first stock. We both get a gift if you use it. If you want to try it out, you can learn more here.

Drop The Money Struggle

Along side devouring Rich As F*ck, I’ve been student of Amanda’s for the last several years. And it’s quite frankly changed my life. I’ve reviewed almost all of the courses I’ve taken on the blog which you can find here.

Turning Sh*t Into Gold

Energy & Frequency of Money

Money Mentality Makeover

But DTMS is great to stand alongside Rich AF and to help you dig into more of the inner healing that will change not only your life with money but any area that needs a bit of shape up. You can find the full review for this course here.

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