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I’ve always been a girl with luxurious taste. The allure of a designer item has drawn me in many a time. There’s something about the detailing, stitching, and timelessness that comes with so many luxury items along with the art created by designers that just gets me. It’s also probably why I’m been so obsessed with the costume design for shows like Gossip Girl, Dynasty, The Bold Type, Pretty Little Liars, and Reign. Designers who are fortunate enough to be artists get to create incredible pieces that inspire other art.

But alas, as an everyday shopper for telling my own story, I’ve learned the art of being bougie on a budget (while I’m manifesting my bigger life). So today I’m sharing all my tips with you. I’ve rounded up all the best places and people to shop with to save on designer items. And of course, you’ll see what I’m shopping for and buying this season. It’s a beautiful day to indulge in a bit of luxury friends. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: As much as I would love to point you in the direction of dirt-cheap prices, this is not that post. There are absolutely spaces online where you can get a steal. But remember at the end of the day, luxury is luxury because it stays that way. Designer items are an investment because you can get a portion of the return back should you choose to sell. If luxury isn’t in your budget right now, don’t fret. Just see this as an opportunity to see what you’ll be able to do when you are ready to invest.

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Pre-Owned Designer

Sellier Knightsbridge

I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few years about designer items simply from who I follow on Instagram. And the lovely ladies behind Sellier Knightsbridge do an amazing job at curating luxury items while also educating their following. Buying pre-loved designer is most certainly a risk, specifically if you’re looking to save on designer items like luxury purses. But the team thoroughly vets all items sent their way.

They feature an array of products such as Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci. You’ll often see luxury clothing pieces being styled via stories. It’s fascinating to see what they come across. You honestly can’t go wrong with shopping with these ladies.


Of course, there is always the ever classic Poshmark. This isn’t a place where I would buy bags or clothing. But it’s a great option for shoes. As much as I love my Louboutins, you’ll know from my High Heels post that there aren’t the most comfortable. This is why you’ll often find them for sale here.


Over the last few years, several online shops have popped up that specialize in luxury consignment items. TheRealReal is one of few that covers both men & women while also offering clothing, bags, and accessories. The benefit to sites like these is that you often find discount codes occasionally floating around. So if you’re looking to save on pre-owned designer items, this is a perfect place to start!


The last time I was in LA, I did a journey through Beverly Hills to check out some of my favorite clean beauty places in person. And I happened to stumble upon the ReBag shop in person. It was gorgeous and delightful with SO many beautiful bags in the windows. ReBag specializes in bags (duh) but also has accessories available.

They offer an exchange program that allows you to potentially get a certain percentage back of a bag should you wish to sell it back in a few months to upgrade to something else. Their site features several gorgeous Bottega Veneta bags along with Dior and so many other brands. A perfect place to start if you’re looking for quality, pre-owned designer bags.

Material World

If you’ve been around the blog for a minute, you’ll know that I tried out Material World last summer as I was looking to expand my wardrobe. But here are the highlights of what you need to know: it’s worth it if you’re looking to truly invest in designer pieces. Personally, I think some of the best items I saw came from texts with the stylist and not in my box. I ended up keeping 1 item from 3 subscription box shipments.

However, if you’ve got a bigger budget (I didn’t), then you’re more likely to get great items. The one downfall to this one is that it’s heavily reliant on people submitting items. With other resale sites, the number of people submitting is quite large. So if there’s something you’re specifically looking for, it would be worth it to shop elsewhere. But if you’re looking to build up a wardrobe at a discount, definitely check them out!

Vestiarie Collective

Vestiarie’s popularity has grown significantly over the last few years due to their partnerships with influencers. If you’ve got your eye on a specific product, chances are you can find it here. They offer discount codes as well as an easy way to sell your luxury items.

You can follow sellers so if you find someone whose closet you LOVE or have an influencer who has been working with the brand, it’s perfect. They are consistently working to make sure their stock is high quality so they often offer sellers high commission rates. From Louboutins to Chanel, you can pretty much find it all here.

Where To Shop And Save On Designer Items #whatsavvysaid #aliceandolivia #midsizemodel #targetstyle
Where To Shop And Save On Designer Items #whatsavvysaid #aliceandolivia #midsizemodel #targetstyle

New Designer


I adore Outnet, a branch of Net A Porter for a lot of reasons. I’m constantly finding amazing pieces on their site. Whether it’s something that’s more luxury or items from places that are lower on the $$ scale, it’s a great way to shop last season’s items on a budget.

You can find Jimmy Choo, Alice & Olivia, Balmain, and so many more brands. The one caveat with shopping here is that you need to double-check sizing on items because designer sizes are different. Think 1,2,3,4 instead of 6,8,10,12. But I’ve loved every piece I’ve discovered here thus far.


Sometime in the last 6 months, I finally took the plunge to buy the Chloe sandals I’d been eyeing forever. And thanks to the babes at Shop Fancy Drew (more on them in a second), I discovered SSense. They are based in Canada and carry a ton of brands. But they also do sales often so it’s worth stalking their content. 

I received my item with zero issues V quickly. Would 10/10 recommend ordering with them.


TBH I almost forget about Nordstrom when it comes to shopping for designer items. They have such a wide range of products. But one of my favorite things about shopping online with Nordstrom is that they price match. So you often get the benefit of a discount while also maximizing on-building rewards. Plus, they have free returns and shipping – that’s essential.


A discovery thanks to the UK vlogger ladies, Luisaviaroma isn’t somewhere I shop too often. But they do an amazing job at offering discount codes frequently to those who follow them. As long as you have your app notifications turned on, you’re sure to get a discount code every few weeks. 

The vibe of their store is very luxury chic. Everything is fabulous. They also have great sales. As I’m writing this post, they have a section of items ranging from 20-30% off from brands like Stuartz Weitzman, Valentino, and Gianvito Rossi. Definitely, one to stalk if you’ve got a specific designer item in mind.


FarFetch is one of my favorite for finding smaller designers. They also have a global reach of options available. I recently fell in love with Wandering after seeing their looks featured in a shoot with Elsa Pataky. With FarFetch, I can follow the designer while also shopping smaller and/or more conscious brands.

You’ll find a range of items from Veja to Yeezy in their app. They are also one of the few to offer kids and men. Plus, they have a loyalty program which means you can get yearly discounts and more for simply shopping with them. They are also great about partnering with creators so you’ll often find discount codes floating around. 


Last but not least, my favorite ladies who always find the deals aka Fancy Drew run by Amanda & Rachel. Both working full time in corporate America, they have an Instagram account & blog with all the best deals. Seriously, they find them all.

They specialize in Golden Goose so you can often find their steals via stories. But they’ve made friends with some incredible shopping assistants and will take requests for what their community is looking for to help find the best deals. I’ve learned so much about designer shopping through them. I can’t say enough good things about this duo.

Alrighty friends, there we have it. So many good places to shop rounded up into one little post. Be sure to bookmark this one for the next time you need a bit of help snagging that perfect item. And if you want more style inspo/designer reviews, be sure to sign up for the newsletter. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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