Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter

Why I Can’t Stop Wearing Beautycounter’s Red Lipstick

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If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a red lipstick lover. Sure I dabbled in the wine tones or the cool pinks. But time and time again, I reach for a red lip to complete my look. It’s my favorite.

When I began switching my makeup collection over to cleaner beauty, I knew there were a few very distinct colors I wanted to replace. I spent the majority of last year alternating between two Kylie Cosmetics lip kits and the occasional orangey-red look from Nars. And I knew that if I was going to build a habit of using clean beauty, I needed to find products I loved as much. Enter Beautycounter’s Red Lipstick*.

Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter

It’s The Perfect Orange/Red Combo

I remember when I discovered Nar’s Heat Wave ages ago through some twitter Q&A Holland Roden was doing. It was this beautiful, bright orange lipstick that wasn’t so orange you wouldn’t wear it. And it veered slightly towards being red. It was also at the very top of my list to replace before I would consider ditching it in my collection. 

So after describing my love of this color to my fave Beautycounter consultant, she immediately turned me onto today’s featured item: Red Color Intense Red Lipstick*. It’s more of a cool toned red with that extra pop. 

The Pigment & Texture Is Perfection

As much as I love a matte lip, the balmy texture of this red lipstick has been amazing enough to convert me. I always wear it with a bit of Gabriel Cosmetic’s red lip liner* to help keep my color all day. But it glides on like a dream. There’s no tugging at dry spots or leaving your lips looking cracked. Plus, the color is just right.

I’ve tried so many reds over the years. And I’ve learned I’m more prone to the cool tone ones. If it’s too muddy, I tend to look washed out or sickly. The pigmentation in Beautycounter’s red lipstick gives you a good amount of color while still hydrating. If you’re looking for a subtle balm, this probably isn’t the one for you. But if you love a bit of color and want something that also shows your lips some love, this clean lipstick is definitely a winner.

Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter
Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter


There’s something to be said about getting quality packaging at an affordable price. So many lipsticks and glosses come with applicators that don’t make it easy to apply. I’m constantly finding myself reaching of a concealer brush or lipstick brush to get that perfect look. Thankfully, I don’t seem to have that problem with this red lipstick. 

Instead of have awkward sides that eventually wear down weird, the bullet gives you a consistent shape. The packaging is super slim so it fits anywhere and you don’t have to worry about the excess bulk. I also don’t find I ever accidentally lose the cap in my bag because it fits snugly. Plus, the packaging alone is stunning. By far, one of the prettiest looking lipstick tubes I own. 


I think it’s super easy to see red lipstick as an intimidating. It certainly makes a statement. But I think the other side to that is that sometimes it’s hard to find the right red for you. I recently tried a few from Burts Bees that I found way too brown for my skin tone. And I realized, if you haven’t found a red lipstick you love, it can be easy to be discouraged.

But the combo of red & orange is one that seems to work for all skin tones. It’s not so bright that it makes you look overwhelmed or too muddy that it washes you out. However, it’s just enough to give you a bit of fun color. And it literally works on everyone!

Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter
Why I Can't Stop Wearing Beautycounter's Red Lipstick #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #beautycounter #redlipstick #cleanredlip #betterbeauty #beautycounter


When I travel or even in my day to day, you’ll often find at least 1 red lipstick in my handbag. Some days it’s Kosas’ Electra* or maybe I’m feeling a bit more red wine vibes & I’ve packed Fitglow’s color serum in Ever*. Regardless, I’d say about 90% of the time you’ll find red intense in my bag or on my lips.

It’s been amazing at keeping my lips hydrated this winter and wears really well throughout the day. Plus, it makes for the perfect prop should the need arise during random photo shoots. All in all, it’s safe to say this one red lipstick has found a permanent home in my clean beauty collection. And it’s definitely one I’ll be recommending to all my friends going forward. 

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