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I will be the first to tell you, I love an afternoon snack. When that 3 pm craving hits, it’s me & the pantry. I’m on a one-woman mission to find healthy snacks that satisfy but also don’t have me spoiling my dinner. Anyone else? So today, I’m rounding up my favorites. All of the healthy snacks I’m constantly rotating, obsessing over & sharing all in one place. And bonus because they are all on Amazon and gluten free!

Best Healthy Snacks On Amazon #paleofriendly

Sakara Life Granola

When it comes to healthy snacks, I have a few requirements. 1. They can’t give me an energy crash. One of the benefits of being paleo is that most items have a healthier fat or protein in them. 2. They are either savory or crunchy. This is pretty much a common theme with today’s list.

The Sakara Life granola was a recent discovery for me. It’s also been a great breakfast essential recently. You get a bit of sweetness, a bit of plant-based protein and it works well whether you want to enjoy it on its own, with greek almond yogurt, or with a bit of almond milk.

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips

I feel like Siete has really saved the day in the last few years with their product development. For us dairy-free friends, they’ve created amazing alternatives for childhood favorites like cool ranch & delicious tortilla chips.

We tend to rotate through their collection of snack offerings depending on what store I’m shopping at. The nacho, ranch, and lime are all favorites for me. But they’ve also got your regular salted option along with dip chips and a few other choices. 

Quinn Grain-Free Filled Pretzels

Whenever I do an afternoon workout, I feel like these are my go-to for refueling. They are a bit more filling than some of the other snacks. Plus, I always want more than one serving. I mean, who can resist a peanut butter pretzel combo?

If you’re looking for grain free options, they have both chocolate-filled and peanut butter. I’ve seen them randomly in stores as well if you’re looking to start with just one bag. Winn Dixie & Whole Foods come to mind. But honestly, I’m obsessed and also a little sad there are none currently in the house. 😂

Four Sigmatic Cacao Mix

I’ve had quite the journey with Four Sigmatic over the years. But recently this cacao mix has become a staple for anxiety moments and/or a need for just a bit of chocolate without too much sweetness. The mix comes in individual packets so it’s perfect for on-the-go or portion control. it’s also lightly sweetened. I mix mine with a bit of hot water, a dash of nut milk, and the occasional dropper of CBD if I’m feeling anxious. It’s perfection!

Best Healthy Snacks On Amazon #paleofriendly

Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen

This healthy snack has been a regular feature on the blog over the last few months and for a good reason, it’s become a staple in my healthy pantry. Now I don’t drink matcha daily. It really depends on what I’m having for breakfast. But when I do or when I need an extra boost, it’s perfect.

There’s collagen which gives me some protein to keep my energy balanced. I’ll pair it with a dash of almond milk for some healthy fats. And of course, I add a bit of sweetener. If you want to know how I make my iced matcha latte, matcha protein balls, or matcha ice cream, be sure to check out the recipes on the blog.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I recently just shared some tips for kicking a sugar craving. And one of those things is to start the day with something savory. Celery juice has been a recent choice but bone broth is also an amazing option. It’s great for your gut health and giving you some much need fuel when you hit an afternoon slump.

There are tons of other ways to use it as well. But I love to just heat up a cup to sip on when I’m feeling slightly peckish and don’t want something major. I’ve personally found that a lot of my sweets cravings are fueled by anxiety. So when I can encourage myself to reach for a savory snack, I feel so much better.

New Primal Jerky

When I hunt for a healthy snack, I try to find things that are more easily portion-controlled. It’s incredibly easy for me to have a big snack and mess up my dinner because my impatience kicks in. New Primal has tons of paleo options that give you a nice blend of spices with your jerky. I reach for these a ton when I travel because they are so easy. Plus, there’s something so nostalgic about a jerky stick.

Lesserevil Paleo Puffs

For all my Cheeto loving friends, Lesserevil has some of the best healthier dupes. There are so many flavors. Whether or not you’re a cheese lover, spicy snack obsessed, or just want something a bit light. You can’t go wrong with any of their options.

Best Healthy Snacks On Amazon #paleofriendly

Simple Mills Bars

We are major fans of Simple Mills in the WSS house. But I recently discovered the banana bread bars and they are a new healthy snack staple. MS will pack them in her bag for work so she has something quick & easy at the hospital. I like to eat them if I’m feeling peckish before a workout or craving a tea moment in the afternoon. They aren’t too heavy. it’s really the perfect bite-sized treat.

Lillabee Brownie Thins

However, I think of all of the snacks I reach for these most often. Crunchy. Crispy. Chocolatey. I’m OBSESSED. The best deal for these is on amazon. You can opt for a mix of flavors or do a bundle of whichever one suits you best. But they are all so good. Bonus points if you do a cookie sandwich and add in a bit of peanut or almond butter.

Simple Mills Brownie Mix

Growing up, we weren’t big fans of boxed cakes in my house. It was like breaking a cardinal rule if you didn’t make something from scratch. But as an adult, I LOVE keeping the Simple Mill’s brownie mix in our pantry . These are perfect for the chocolate craving when your period hits or when you need a last minute dessert.

Hu Kitchen Hunks

Chocolate and salt? Yes, please! These are another 3pm favorite for when I just need something sweet and salty at once. Depending on your preference, you can opt for something that’s more creamy or a bit more nutty. The chocolate covered cashews & almond are my favorite. But if you like a bit of sour, there is also an option for you. Trust me, these are life changing.

Bhu Keto Bites

These are my go-to when I travel because they are perfect when I need just a bit of sweetness with my afternoon americano. There is a bit of protein in these bites. And they come in several flavors. You can also get them as bars as Publix, Whole Foods, and Target. But these are essential when I’m out and about.


It’s been a while since I’ve given the healthy snack/candy option SmartSweets any love. They’ve come out with so many new options over the last year that you can pretty much find a healthier option for all of your favorite childhood candies. I’m still loving the peach rings. But the gummy bears will always be a favorite. Perfect at 3 pm or for the movies, you can’t go wrong with SmartSweets.

Truvani Plant-Based Protein

I know. I know this one doesn’t seem like a healthy snack option but here me out. One of the things I find challenging about ice cream is the sugar. It’s too much for my body. So I love to do a simple protein nice cream. Sometimes it’s vanilla. Other times its chocolate peanut butter. But the truvani protein tastes amazing so you get the flavor and energy balancing bits without the spike. It also works great for a paleo frappe.

NuNaturals Salted Caramel Syrup

Last but not least, one of my favorites when I just need a coffee upgrade: caramel syrup. Except this one is keto + paleo + harder to find in stores. Between my cold brew coffee pitcher and this syrup, I have the perfect little treat when I just need something. There’s no funny after-taste or crappy ingredients. Just a nice simple salted caramel syrup. You can find at least one of these in my kitchen at all times.

Alright friends. If you’re not hungry now, you’re doing better than me because I never several snack breaks while writing today’s post. But I hope this inspires you to try some new snacks or helps you find healthier alternatives that help you with transforming your life. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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