How To Start Manifesting Consistently

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We talk a lot about manifesting. Also, we talk about how to create more money. We talk about why it isn’t working. But the one thing we haven’t quite broken down in this space yet is how do you start manifesting? Like the basics. How do you bring things into your life that feel crazy or impossible?

Well, the answer to that question is simple and it’s not. The true mechanics of manifesting end up being a lot more mental and emotional work than many people realize. It’s why the average person who hasn’t quite dug into things will think you’re being lazy or lucky or think it’s magic or one of a million other reasons.

But you know differently. Or at least I suspect you’re starting to know. So today we’re going to give you a deep glimpse at what it looks like to manifest. Welcome to how to manifest anything you want 101 – class is in session.

How To Start Manifesting Consistently


How To Start Manifesting Intentionally

Step One: What Do You Want

When it comes to teaching you how to start manifesting intentionally, I feel like a lot of teachers have specialities. For the record, I do not consider myself a teacher or coach, rather a peer who is happy to stand alongside you as we explore the many ways manifesting works together. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of manifesting money. It’s the space I’ve been working the hardest in for the longest and the one I have the most fun with. But you can pick anything you want – a job, a partner, a vacation, a peloton tread (me a few weeks ago). The thing isn’t as important as your ability to identify what it is you want and why you want it.

If you’re new to the blog, one of my favorite annual posts is my birthday blog post. It varies in style every year with things I’m grateful for, lessons I’ve learned or even a year numbered bucket list looking ahead. In the year before I turned, I added 3 trips to my list.


Here’s the thing though – I had zero ideas on how I would pay for those trips. New York, LA and Paris were all there but my income was lacking for how I would make them happen.

Within 5 months of publishing that post, all 3 occurred through different opportunities – only one of which I paid for. As well as, they happened right before we went into 2020 when that travel would have been nearly impossible. But I knew what I wanted. I was open to it happening in many ways. And it did. 


Step Two: What are your stories or pre-existing beliefs around what you want? Do they support you having it or prevent it?


Limiting beliefs is a phrase you‘ll hear a lot when it comes to manifesting. The idea being that when we get clear on what we want, it’s then our job to figure out what thoughts or beliefs we have that limit us from having it.

I kind of hate limiting beliefs. But not for the reasons you think. More than just limiting beliefs, I think it’s also important to get clear on our unaware assumptions. For me, limiting beliefs are fears – they are the things we work through. Our assumptions, however, are the things we show up not realization dictate how we view the situation. The difference being it feels easier to me to clear an assumption or bias once I know it’s there versus a limiting belief that I may need to build new confidence in myself to change.

Additionally, sometimes the repetitive act of digging into our past with the hope of finding all our answers prevents us from making the changes we need to move forward. Instead of telling new stories to align us with the future we want, we are solidifying and retelling the past as though it is our future, keeping us letting go and creating our joy.

Limiting beliefs and stories serve a purpose but we have to learn how to use them in the most supportive way when you are trying to learn how to manifest anything you want.


Step 3 – Forgive, let go and tell a new story


One of the things I quickly realized in the process of learning how to start manifesting intentionally is that forgiveness (along with gratitude) were two things I would need to do on a daily basis. And that when I gave myself permission to forgive whomever, sometimes it’s myself, a partner, a parent, a friend, a random person on the internet – the list is endless. When I gave myself permission to forgive and to let go, I could acknowledge that I was hurt. I could acknowledge that the thought or story had an impact on my life and I was grateful for the journey. But I also was free to tell a new story.

I go into this a bit in today’s episode with several examples. However, I found that in space between me identifying a limiting belief and me telling a new story – forgiveness was key. It helps me to acknowledge with gratitude things that have come and can be released from my life. 

It allows me to openly embrace a new story. And of course, there are lots of ways I like to do this but that’s a lot more than we have space for in today’s post.

The key point here being: when you recognize that the version of your life you’re living now is the story you’ve been telling. Whether it’s from an early age or only recently, it’s manifested from you. You created it. So if you created it with beliefs that may have been totally supportive or completely out of place, you can create something new. As Amanda likes to say, there isn’t a chalkboard in the sky that dictates your life. And even if it did, you can erase it and write it again.


I love you all! I hope you have a beautiful week. If you loved this episode, come let me know on Instagram. And be sure to share it with a friend. Xoxo, Savvy

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