Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A #whatsavvysaid #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #30a #rosemarybeach #bestpizza30a #rosemarybeachpizza #veganglutenfreepizza

Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved pizza. She indulged in the bread basket everywhere she went and she ALWAYS went back for seconds on rolls at Thanksgiving. But this beautiful, shall we call her savvy, girl found her fairy tale taking a different path. And one lovely day, she discovered that she and bread must part, never (okay maybe not never because never say never but let’s pretend) to be reunited again. Alas, the girl went on a mission to find the best gluten free pizza on 30A because a life without pizza wasn’t one she wanted to live. And thankfully, she’s here to share her finds with you.

Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A #whatsavvysaid #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #30a #rosemarybeach #bestpizza30a #rosemarybeachpizza #veganglutenfreepizza

Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar

I’m not sure when I fell in love with Bud & Alley’s pizza bar. But it’s hard to pass up some of the best gluten free pizza on 30A plus a view of the beach. In my pursuit of amazing GF pizza, I’ve found a lot that looks like cardboard. It’s flat, would probably make a good frisbee and is posing as a pizza imposter. NO BODY WANTS THAT.

Thankfully, the babes at Bud & Alley’s do pizza right. The dough still has some fluff. If you’re in need of vegan cheese *raises hand*, you’ll be a happy gal. And no, it’s not the slimy non-sense that some people enjoy as non-dairy cheese on pizza. My favorite choice here is the San Marzana pizza swapping the pecorino for vegan cheese + adding basil. Yes, they will look at you like you’re crazy when you order it. But it’s worth it so ignore them and order it anyways! So so good!

Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A #whatsavvysaid #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #30a #rosemarybeach #bestpizza30a #rosemarybeachpizza #veganglutenfreepizza
Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A #whatsavvysaid #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #30a #rosemarybeach #bestpizza30a #rosemarybeachpizza #veganglutenfreepizza


Every now and again, I’ll test the pizza waters to see what other ones need to land on the best gluten free pizza on 30A list. This one happened to be a total random choice but I’m kind of obsessed. Like it’s the pizza I crave now when I want pizza and NO OTHER ONE WILL WORK. Yep. I’m that extra and it’s that good.

Southside does an amazing veggie pizza that is loaded with a variety of vegetables. No skimping on toppings. They even add avocado which I ask to be taken off because we haven’t quite become friends again yet. But for once you aren’t paying extra for that lovely addition to your meal!

This is definitely a tourist pizza place so expect to pay a few more $$$ for your slices. However, I can safely say at this moment in time this is my all time favorite pizza place and easily my favorite of the best gluten free pizza on 30A.


If you’re in the 30A area, Pizza By The Sea is a local chain. There’s a decent handful of them scattered between Rosemary Beach and Destin. So if you can’t get to one of the above places, it’s a good option for some of the best gluten free pizza on 30A. I haven’t eaten here enough to have a regular choice. But it’s one I’m confident in to say you’re not going to hate it. Plus they have a cauliflower crust option for those of you looking to up your fiber game and lower your carbs. Win win!

Where To Find The Best Gluten Free Pizza On 30A #whatsavvysaid #glutenfree #glutenfreepizza #30a #rosemarybeach #bestpizza30a #rosemarybeachpizza #veganglutenfreepizza


There aren’t a lot of places where I’d say don’t bother ordering their gluten free pizza but I can think of one: Amici. I ADORE Amici. Their happy hour is fab. There are so many amazing foods on their menu. BUT if you’re looking for the best gluten free pizza on 30A, don’t pick this one.Β 

My disclaimer for this is also they don’t have a dairy free cheese option so in order for me to get pizza here it’s basically gf bread, sauce & veggies. So if you’re in the mood to try it, obviously you do you boo. I just wouldn’t put it on my list of top places to take my GF bestie when I can go right down the road to Southside. Ya know?


What about you? Do you have a fave place to grab GF pizza on 30A? Is there something I should add to my best gluten free pizza on 30A list. Leave me a comment below and let mw know! And feel free to share this with someone you know needs the best gluten free pizza in their life. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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