How To Deal With Anxiety During Times Of Crisis

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How to Deal With Anxiety During Times Of Crisis


If I’ve learned anything over the last 5 years, it’s been just how incredibly unpredictable life can be. Like plans are really nice but learning to roll with the punches is always necessary. There was a moment a few months ago where I felt so overwhelmed and frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t anywhere near where I’d wanted to be at this time. And yet, as always, everything is working in my favor

Personally, I’m trying to be incredibly mindful of how often I consume content/where I consume it right now. Yes, Covid-19 is happening. But when it feels like you can’t escape it because every bit of your normal has been stripped away, it’s a lot. So today I’m sharing how to deal with anxiety during times of crisis and limiting the mentions of the C word. 

I know, more often than not, it’s easy to get caught in the wave of what’s going on. Sometimes we just need a little help to find a way to ground ourselves again. Many of my points today won’t necessarily be the newest thing ever. But they are things I have to remind myself of when I feel anxiety during a crisis.

And sometimes this means having to go through the process all over each day. I had a moment earlier this week where I realized that I just needed like a full on break. I needed to not talk about things and get quiet for a bit because it felt like there was no escape. So I turned on Barefoot Contessa (see my Netflix post for more ideas on what to watch –  Hulu coming soon) and took a bath. Watching Ina make dog treats and cocktails was the perfect balm for my soul.

Wherever you’re at in the world today, I hope you know I’m sending you a virtual hug. Having anxiety during times of crisis can make it hard to navigate even the small stuff. You crisis could be losing a parent, losing a job, losing a home or something else that makes your world feel like its been turned over. Just remember. Take it one day at a time. You’ll get through this. And just know I’m sending you all the positive vibes and love. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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