How To Style Spanx Leather Leggings For Fall

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If there ever was a Savvy staple, it would surely be the Spanx leather leggings. As a curvy girl, they’ve become a bit of a comfort piece over the years. Pulling together last-minute looks, making me look and feel more snatched when I’m having a period moment or just being the most versatile item in my wardrobe – if I was a woman who wrote odes to things, the Spanx leather leggings would have an anthology.

So today I’m rounding up some of my favorite ways to style my greatest obsession. The looks that work for travel and low-key vibes to the moments where you just want to embrace every curve and rock it. We’re covering it all in today’s post so let’s get started.

How To Style Spanx Leather Leggings For Fall #whatsavvysaid #plaidshirt

How To Style Spanx Leather Leggings

With A Button Up Top

As I’ve grown older and really learned to style my body vs going with every trend, I’ve embraced that certain pieces need to be shaped a bit more to work for my regular use. The button-up top is at the top of this list. Now depending on the thickness and style of your top, you can easily rock it as a shacket. There will always be a special place in my heart for flannel and plaid pieces so this is a go-to for me.

Given that the button-up options are endless, I really love that paired with the Spanx leather leggings I have twice as many outfit options. For this plaid look, wearing the top loose wouldn’t have meshed with the spike boots I wanted to wear. The overall vibes would have screamed that I wasn’t quite put together and a bit too messy for my tastes. But a simple tweak makes it work while also honoring the vibe I was going for. This also works for more ankle boots as you’ll see below.

As A Travel Outfit

Fashion for me is all about a state of mind. If you ever see me out in a very loose sweatsuit in slides, please call my bestie for an intervention. And while I do love the occasional pair of Abercrombie curve love denim or even my go-to running leggings from Athleta, there are times when I need to be presentable when I arrive. 

The beauty of the Spanx leather leggings is that they don’t wrinkle and they add compression (super helpful for plane travel). I’ve done long road trips, endless days of walking in Paris & New York, and many nights out in warm weather all while wearing these same leggings. For the record, I currently only own one pair and have washed them 100+ times. They hold up. But for travel, they are a standard staple.

With A Mid Length Top

One of the many advantages of wearing Spanx leather leggings is the fact that they help add shape to pieces that might hang a bit wide. I personally tend to favor outfits that accentuate my smaller waist in juxtaposition with my fuller hips. However, I love that with leggings you can also get that subtle bit of curve when your top is a slightly longer or you aren’t focusing mainly on the snatching of your waistline.

The nice thing about the Spanx leggings is that with added compression everything looks chic. You’re not worried about extra fabric or an awkwardly loose fit. So you can glam up your favorite top – I’m obsessed with this pink velvet one. Add your fantastic heels to make you look a bit longer and just like that you have a fancy, simple and comfortable look.

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How To Style Spanx Leather Leggings For Fall #whatsavvysaid #plaidshirt
How To Style Spanx Leather Leggings For Fall #whatsavvysaid #plaidshirt


I absolutely adore this Free People cropped sweater but the magic of learning how to style the Spanx leather leggings is that you realize you can easily fake it with tons of sweaters. There are loads of different methods for tucking a sweater whether you decide to do a front tuck under and leave the black long, a full crop or whatever other creative way TikTok has discovered with how to wear clothes this week, the options are endless. 

But as a petite curvy gal, I often find that with the shape of most sweaters I lose my own curves. Having a high-waisted pant option with an under tucked or cropped sweater means I can maintain my waistline and stay warm.

I also love that with this style of look you can easily add layers without things getting too bulky in the winter.  So if you need a trench or blazer, it’s an easy add while still keeping a bit of shape and not making you look like the Michelin man.


I’ll confess that Spanx leather leggings and a cropped top are my go-to look when I need something a bit more elevated and have the least amount of energy. I know that they will come through no matter what which is great for the days you’re overthinking all the things and just need to get out the door.

Bonus – it really allows you to feature a piece in your look. The Versace platform dupes I’ve been obsessed with for the last few months are one of my favorite pieces for a night out or when I just need a mental boost. Paired with a simple crop and draped jacket, I have a versatile outfit that is comfortable, makes me feel good, and works for tons of occasions. 


If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you’ll know I have a thing for pink. Specifically pink heels. As a curvy girl, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pants. And when I want to show off a pair of shoes, I find that a skinny cut or something that isn’t too wide really highlights the moment. It also makes me look longer which I love. 

There’s also the subtle shine of the Spanx leather leggings that gives a more elevated energy to your look over say denim or a more traditional business pant. So you can keep the elevated vibes of your heels paired with a more low-key top or something silky if that’s what you fancy and it all works.

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If ever there was a Savvy outfit for 2022, it would be the over-the-shoulder blazer. She’s a full moment that I’m not sure I’ll ever be over. This look for me is really about embracing a strong, powerful feminine energy while also subtly adding shadows to my look to play up my hourglass figure.

This is also great if you find you want to fake some curves. I’ve been diligently wearing my unstructured blazer this year but any version would work. And since we’re currently bringing back the 90s, a blazer with shoulder pads or a more pointed structured one would really help you fake curves.


Slowly but surely, I’m embracing the cardigan in my wardrobe again. For us Southern gals, it’s a great colder weather option that isn’t quite as hot as a thick sweater. But for my friends looking for a summer to fall transitional outfits (video on this soon) or a chic travel outfit, this is it.

One of the many reasons Spanx leather leggings have become a staple for me is how well they work for travel. The spandex asset means they don’t wrinkle so you have something that still looks presentable even if you’re sitting for hours. Plus, with plane travel, they add a bit of compression. 

I love a longer cardigan for days where you want a bit of casual put-togetherness. You can button only the center to bring in the shape but not make it look like an oversized dress. Or leave it loose. And if you are someone who likes their butt covered when they are wearing leggings, this will be perfect for you!


Really, when it comes to how to style Spanx leather leggings, the options are endless. A cute sweatshirt, a fierce trench, it works for all the things. No matter how you choose to style your leggings, I hope today’s post inspired you. And if you want more everyday fashion, be sure to come follow me on InstagramTiktok and Youtube for my in-depth styling videos. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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