The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key

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When it comes to travel, I’m the first to admit I have a bit of a low-key/high-key vibe. Like I want to be bougie, do all the things, have all the fun but I also don’t want to come back exhausted. Or hungover. Pass. Thankfully, we were able the most of our Nashville bachelorette adventure without too much damage. We did a LOT of walking (see outfit recommendations below), a lot of tourist things, and a bit of wine tasting & eating – our speciality.

So for today’s Nashville Bachelorette Guide, I’m going to be giving you all the details along with all the gluten-free and dairy-free notes you’ll need along the way. Where we stayed, what we booked ahead, what I wouldn’t do again, etc. Let’s dive in friends. Ps. I have a full packing checklist if you need a quick reference guide.

The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key #whatsavvysaid #winery

Nashville Bachelorette Guide

Where We Stayed

I’ve been fortunate enough to do the Nashville trip a few times over the last 5 years so the options for places to say are endless. We chose to stay at The Graduate Hotel (aka Dolly Parton’s hotel) in the 9to5 suite. Our party went from 6 to 3 over the course of planning the event so the suite was perfect for us. 

It’s one floor below White Limozeen – the V instagramable bar (more details below). The hotel itself is gorgeous and has quite a few amenities. The coffee bar on the first floor is perfect for a quick morning fix. The gym has a peloton, a few treadmills, and some basic options. It’s also close to broadway and has a good selection of restaurants with DoorDash/Postmates (our breakfast choices for the weekend).

My only thing of note would be that the hotel service seems to be slow. Like you have to stay on top of them if you need extra things like pillows and blankets. It also takes a hot second to get your car ordered so be sure to do it ahead of time & take a photo of your ticket. 

How We Got Around

Truthfully, you could easily Lyft your way around Nashville if you wanted. With parking fees, it might be cheaper. However, we knew we would need a place to keep our luggage while we were running around on Friday and Sunday so we opted for an SUV. 

If you’re planning to only do things around Nashville, you can go without a car and will want to when you’re hitting up Broadway at night. But if you’re looking to explore a bit more like Franklin or the Arrington Winery, it’s worth having a car.

The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key #whatsavvysaid #winery
The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key #whatsavvysaid

Our Itinerary

Friday (arrive at 845am)

Milk & Honey

With an early flight, we were all in need of sustenance when we landed and this was suggested by friends who’d been to Nashville a few times. We arrived right before the rush so we ended up with a small wait and snagged a coffee from the bar to walk around the area.

I would definitely recommend trying for 9/915am as the line got super crazy after. Most of the stores don’t open until 10 so we really just wandered around a bit. As far as the meal goes, the food was nothing special for me. Sorry kids. But they were amazing at accommodating allergies and the kitchen made the extra effort! Ps. I have a hard time finding breakfast out that really wow’s me. No shade to Milk & Honey. This is just a hard category to impress me with.

The Mall At Green Hills

I was in need of a few bits to make my dress work for Saturday night so we popped into Nordstrom, Aritzia, and a few other places at the mall. It’s packed with stores plus there are lots of great food places nearby.

Belle Meade Plantation

We didn’t have any set plans for our trip other than a few points so our venture to Belle Meade was a last-minute choice. Thankfully, it worked out perfectly and gave us a few hours of walking, learning, and a very brief wine tasting. We did the guided house tour which was lovely plus a self-guided tour of the grounds. There’s a lot I didn’t know and/or don’t remember about Southern history so this was a great chance to learn and see Belle Meade.

White Limozeen

If we had to do this over again, I think we would have opted for dinner elsewhere and just a drink at White Limozeen. We did make reservations which can only be done 2 weeks ahead. They do save some options for hotel guests and the menu is decent. But this is really a place for a drink and maybe a snack as a lot of the seating is living room style and makes dining awkward.


Could we do a Nashville Bachelorette Guide without a broadway section? Or course not. So here are my tips for doing Broadway: if you want to go to a lot of places, start early. I think we landed here around 645pm and it was perfect. Of course, we hit up the high points like Tootsies and Jason Aldean’s. But we eventually settled into The Valentine which is only two stories and was less crowded which meant we could snag seats.

Personally, I’m not too big on a night of drinking. However, the music is lots of fun so whether you choose to drink or not, you’ll have a good time. I would note that if you have somewhere you’re dying to go, start there. By our third stop, the lines outside each location were getting long. You’ll also want to note that it’s better to go towards Commerce of Demumbreum for Lyft or Uber as it’s easier for pick up & cell reception.


This was our low-key day as we wanted everyone to go home rested. So we opted for a bit of DoorDash/Postmates for breakfast at the hotel. However, our first official stop of the day was a highlight and something I’d absolutely recommend.

Arrington Vineyard

This was a good 30-40+ minute drive but was well worth it. If you’re doing a last-minute Nashville Bachelorette trip, you can easily fit this in by utilizing the wine flight options on site. However, we booked an official tasting that also provided food pairing. If you are strictly gluten or dairy-free please note, they make ZERO accommodations here.

But for around $60 per person, you are given 6 different wines with small portions of soup, salad, dessert, etc. The pours were generous as well as you get to keep the wine glass (my current fave to use at home). And any wines you don’t get to try with the tasting you can go sample with a wine flight.

Oak Steak House

I’m going to 100% own my bougie/Goldilock’s side and say this place was good but nothing to write home about. If you’re interested in a nice dinner with a varied wine list, go for it. I opted for some staples here and they were lovely. There are also bonus points for having Taylor Fladgate on the port menu. But truthfully, there are so many great places to eat in Nashville you really can’t go wrong.

The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key #whatsavvysaid #winery


To round off our trip and to make the most of time in Nashville, we had a full day open. We probably ended up with a bit too much time which we made the most of by renting a nap room in the airport (a well-loved luxury when you have to wear a mask for hours). But we did sneak in a few more unexpected stops that we enjoyed.

Belmont Mansion

Belmont is known for its gorgeous campus and the original mansion is just as lovely. Because this was a last-minute addition for us, we didn’t end up with a guided tour. However, there are plenty of workers available in the different rooms to really answer questions. So it felt like we got the most of our time while also getting the info we really wanted.

True Food Kitchen

If you haven’t been to a TFK yet, I would absolutely suggest adding it to your list. It’s not necessarily a Nashville bachelorette requirement but whenever I happen to be in the same city as one, I like to go. The menu changes seasonally with their fall one being one of my favorites. The butternut squash with almond ricotta pizza is divine along with the fall salads. You’ll find a mix of classics like lasagna to quinoa bowls and luscious salads on the menu all made from the highest quality ingredients. So worth it!

Country Music Hall Of Fame

I’ve been fortunate enough to have previously visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and it’s always worth going again. There’s so much to see. Plus, they have a good mix of country music history alongside newer displays. Both Martina McBride and Casey Musgraves were highlighted this time along with a room showcasing how music adapted for 2020.

You can add the audio tour option if you want a bonus guide but it’s not necessary. There are a lot of stops and a lot of info given with the audio guide so be prepared to take your time. I’d guess at least 1.5 hours+.

Pinewood Social

There are many Nashville spots that you’ll probably find all over Instagram and Pinewood Social is at the top of the list. With 3 stories of fun, you’ll get a different experience with each level. If you’re looking for more of a meal, you’ll want to make reservations ahead. But if you’re looking for a nice glass of rose and a good view, head to the rooftop bar. They tend to stay booked up however, it’s always worth checking for last-minute reservations – it’s what worked out for us.

The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Guide – But Make It Low Key #whatsavvysaid #winery
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What To Pack

For the time of year, we went (November), I was pleasantly surprised by how warm it ended up being. However, with our itinerary, my packing list looked like this:

2 travel outfits

2 workout outfits

2 night time outfits

2 day time outfits

1 fur coat

2 bag options

all the shoes

If you want a closer look at what I packed and my tips on streamlining it all, you can find that info here. We also heavily utilized Rent The Runway as I needed more sweaters and a nice dress option to supplement my current wardrobe. Highly recommend!

All in all, we had a wonderful 72 hours in Nashville. It felt like the perfect mix of tourist but also foodie which is very much our vibe. If you’re looking for a more Christmasy bachelorette option, I would suggest going after mid-November. But be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as I’ll be sharing the Christmas bachelorette I planned in Atlanta in just a few weeks. 

If you’ve done a Nashville Bachelorette, let me know what your favorite things were in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you had all the fun. Sending you all the love friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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