Sadiqua Bynum (Stunts – Watchmen, Black Panther, American Horror Story)

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This week’s episode is a little delayed but one I’m so excited for you babes to hear! I’m chatting with my friend Sadiqua Bynum about all things stunts. 

How She Got Started

One of the things we talk about A LOT in film is that it’s really about who you know. Breaking into the bubble can be hard. But Sadiqua’s background in gymnastics and connections at UCLA helped her navigate the waters a bit more easily. We also talk about what training she did to prep for stunt roles vs training before. As well as, she shares the gyms she used when she first moved to Atlanta to help her train.


She gives specific details for what it was like to train for stunt scenes in Black Panther vs prepping to double actresses such as Regina King. We talk about the kind of prep required for scenes where you’re a part of a group stunt vs when you’re on the run of a show doubling a specific actors. Plus, she tells us all about her first stunt gig! Sadiqua’s first stunt job was on American Horror Story as a stunt double for Angela Bassett. 


When Sarah Jones died on set, it opened the door to more conversations about safety and how to empower crew when they don’t feel safe. Film hours are often unnecessarily long and it’s not always encouraged to feel safe to speak up when you don’t feel comfortable. Sadiqua and I talk about how to have those though conversations and why it’s important to understand WHY something is being done.


And of course, we’re diving into mental health. With crazy schedules and being around people constantly, it’s essential to find a way to support your own mental space. Sadiqua shares her current mantra and how she supports keeping herself grounded no matter what’s happening on set.


I’m so excited for you to hear today’s episode! Please make sure you rate it and share so we can keep getting more & more amazing guests. Sending you all the love and positive vibes. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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