Summer Reading 2019 - What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub #busyphilips #cleanbeauty #thiswillonlyhurtalittle #summerreadinglist

What I’ve Been Reading Lately – Summer 2019 Edition

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I find I have a tendency to be a bit of an all or nothing reader. Either I’m fully in a summer reading season or I don’t touch a book for months. There seems to be very little in between. However, I’ve always loved reading. And with a job online, I find these days it’s one of the few things I can do to shut off. If I want to take a break and not be on my phone scrolling instagram 5 minutes in, I have to set a timer, grab my book and relax.

In the last few months, I’ve also learned how I read what genre best. If I want to go for fiction, I need a good long reading session or it needs to be an audiobook. Non-fiction I can dabble in and out of depending on my mood. And if I’m reading to teach myself a skill, there’s probably going to be a point where I need to pause my audiobook to take notes.

So for today’s summer reading edition, it’s a bit all over the board. I’ve been working to get through the backlog of books I’ve piled up. This means utilizing my 30 minutes in the car coming home for the gym to push through any books I’m feeling eh about or carrying a book in my purse Rory Gilmore style to read on the go. If I want to read more, and thereby have things to share with you, I have to make the time. So these are the books that have been inspiring me lately in their own individual ways.

This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Philipps*

Let’s start with: I’m still reading this one. It’s my current nightstand book. I’ve made it my goal to read one chapter a night. I’m always fascinated by people’s stories, especially successfully people. More often than not, there’s not this magic pill anyone took to get where they are in life. They’ve worked hard or they got lucky. Busy’s book is raw and filled with so many stories different to my own childhood. I’ve gotten to glimpse life through her eyes in a way I could never imagine. It’s been both enlightening and enjoyable to read her journey. And I can’t wait to see what else will happen.

Life Will Be The Death Of Me:… And You too! by Chelsea Handler*

I can tell you now that this is NOT a book everyone will enjoy. It’s centered very heavily on life post Trump. So if politics aren’t your jam or Trump is your favorite, skip this one. However, if you’re open minded and can appreciate how more often than not our big childhood experiences shape our lives, then read on. 

Chelsea’s story centers around several months of conversation with her therapist and realizing how deeply impacted she was by her brother’s death when she was only 9. Her discovery of her enneagram number (8), a lack of empathy and a journey to do better are a reminder that we all deal with life. Just because we are taught to be a certain way doesn’t mean we can’t be better or do better. And while I recognize many will probably get stuck on the politics of this book, I think you’d miss the point.

No one escapes death. It changes you. And learning how to sit in those emotions instead of running from them is essential. If you’ve experienced death first hand, you’ll know. However, if you haven’t lost anyone close to you, let Chelsea’s story give you the opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Empathy goes a long way. But you have to step outside your comfort zone to get there.

Unqualified by Anna Faris*

Over the last few months, I’ve come to appreciate funny people. The ability to not take myself too seriously is something I’m working on so laughter is key. If you aren’t an Anna Faris fan, you need to become on ASAP. Her podcast Unqualified is still one of my favorites. But I finally got around to finishing her book and it made me love her more.

I will always be a fan of someone who can respectfully share their opinion and story without forcing it on others. They invite you to hear it but don’t make you feel bad if you don’t agree. For the record, I agree with a lot Anna had to say and even found myself seeing certain things (weddings in particular) differently. If you’re looking for a fun filled read with a few laughs and even a few tears, this one is for you. Also, be sure to check out the audiobook* because having Anna read it is even better!

What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub
What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub

Vlog Like A Boss by Amy Schmittaeur

I always debate whether I’ll share “work” books in these posts. But I think it’s important that you babes see how much you and WSS mean to me. My desire to grow, do better and be a better content creator is about making What Savvy Said the best space possible for all of us. And that means I have to get humble about where I need to improve. You can’t do better if you aren’t willing to suck at something first.

I love my Youtube channel. But I know it can be more. I know I can create the best content to help you live your happiest & healthiest lives. Vlog Like A Boss* is helping me do just that. It’s giving me fresh eyes on a platform I’ve only kind of tried to master. Amy is challenging me to do better, show up as my best self and create content that is ALWAYS helpful. 

So maybe Vlog Like A Boss isn’t your jam. Your summer reading list might include something for whatever goal you have right now. But let this be a reminder. We all start somewhere. If we want to be the best, we have to get humble and continue to grow. This book is helping me do just that.

What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide To Speed Reading People by Joe Navarro*

Can I tell you a secret? It’s taken me a while to even start this audiobook. Why? Because while I want to know what other people are thinking, I’m also kind of scared to know. I’m a big fan of saying you can’t live your life from a place of fear. If you stay in the fear, you’re never going to get anywhere. So lately, I’ve been trying to do the things that scare me, especially if they scare me.

This book represents something so small but powerful in my life: discipline. Have I finished this book yet? Nope. Just started. But with the knowledge from this book, I feel challenged enough to push myself so that I can read a room. I can be a better friend because I’ll understand body language and cues. I can step up my game as a business woman because I’ll see more than just what’s being presented to me. Be afraid but do it anyway. Or in my case, read the book. Ignorance isn’t helping any of us.

Summer Reading 2019 - What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub #busyphilips #cleanbeauty #thiswillonlyhurtalittle #summerreadinglist
What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub
Summer Reading 2019 - What I've Been Reading Lately- Summer 2019 Edition #whatsavvysaid #girlswhoread #whatsavvyread #goodreads #bookclub #busyphilips #cleanbeauty #thiswillonlyhurtalittle #summerreadinglist

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman *

I feel like everyone and their sister read this book last year. Well it’s finally made it’s way onto my summer reading list. I downloaded the audiobook ages ago so now it’s a matter of making time to read it. So far, I’m loving the different accents. I’ve always been a big fan of the British bloggers and vloggers. Hearing places they shop or terms they frequently use gives this book an extra sparkle in my eyes!

I’ve only just started so I have very little to say here. Other than Eleanor is rather entertaining and kind of how you’d expect your prudish grandma to be at that age. Although I’m sure grandma probably just wants us to think that and she was a wild child. I can’t say that this book has completely pulled me in yet. But it’s my post gym listen for the moment and I’m hoping to understand the hype sooner vs later!

Finale by Stephanie Garber*

A few Sundays ago, I decided I would make sometime to read. Do I have plenty of books on hand that I haven’t read? Absolutely. Did I go on my amazon Kindle and buy a new book because I wanted to read it? You bet! Finale is the third in a series I’ve been reading for a while now and I wanted to finish it.

I won’t say it’s the most WOW book ever. I enjoyed it. The characters are whimsical. And I’m sure I’d forgot a bit between the 2nd and 3rd books. At some point, I’ll probably re-read them all so I can truly appreciate the final installment. But if you’re into sci-fi/young adult with a bit of a historical twist, you’ll probably enjoy this novel. Nothing too terribly serious but it made for a lovely rainy day read. It would also be great on the summer reading list to get lost in by the pool. Between the magic of Caraval, fates being released and enchanted objects, the world Stephanie created is one you can easily get lost in. It’s definitely something I’ll read again.


What about you? Do you have anything you’ve been loving and reading lately? What’s on your summer reading list? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy



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