How To Make Long Distance Friendship Feel Less Distant

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that when it comes to maintaining a long-distance friendship, we have to get creative. And for the better part of the last decade, through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned how to do just that. While I know we’re all eagerly awaiting the world to get back to normal, for many of us the normalcy of distance with our besties won’t be changing. But hopefully, we will be able to meet in person again soon!

Nevertheless, today we’re talking about all things long-distance friendship. I’m going to give you all the tips for how to support when you can’t quite show up in person as well as some ways to make it feel like there is no distance at all. The beauty of a strong friendship is that when you do get together, it feels like no time has passed. And today’s tips are perfect for helping you keep the foundation strong no matter where you are in the world. Let’s get started!

Send A Letter – Yes, It’s Still A Thing

Words of affirmation is one of my love languages so of course, I had to include this one. But honestly, it’s such a lost art. Whether it’s a postcard with a quote that reminded you of someone or a heartfelt letter that they can read time & time again, there will always be something powerful in words.

Plus, in this day and age, how often do we go that extra step. You know the bit that communicates you took some extra time to show someone that they mean a lot to you. It’s that extra surprise and bit of joy from a part of your day that typically provides only junk mail and bills. So while it might not seem like a big task, writing a letter can be major in helping bridge the gap in a long-distance relationship.

Take An Online Class Together

Now, this could be any kind of class. But one of my favorite things about the peloton bike is that you can ride with your friends. However, you could do this with any class (ex. skillshare, masterclass, online cooking classes). The intention is that you’re making time for each other & learning together.

It’s also a great way to provide accountability when one of you needs that extra push. There’s been many a time over the last year where I didn’t quite feel like working out so I called a friend. And that time gave me a few extra laughs and filled my cup way more than a solo workout would have done.

How To Make A Long Distance Friendship Feel Less Distant #whatsavvysaid


One of the things we take for granted when we live close to our friends is the ability to just show up with cake/food in hand on a bad day. So I love sending something that makes my friends feel extra special when I can’t quite deliver the baked goods in person myself.

Depending on the city they live in, this might be UberEats, Grubhub, or DoorDash. Or if you’ve got an advanced notice, you place a mail order for Sweet Laurel to arrive at their doorstep. Again, it’s the thought that counts with this one.


There will always be times in our lives whereas a friend there’s nothing we can do. We can’t carry the burden of whatever they are walking through. We are just there for support. But when there’s nothing we can directly do for our friend, there’s always something we can do for someone else.

When my dad passed a few years ago, my local church donated bibles in his honor. Something really small but it was a kind action that meant a lot. Your friend may be celebrating a big win or a not-so-fun moment in life, so what better way to show support than by spreading the love and donating to a cause they love in their honor.


As someone with 75% of my friendships at long distance status, this is a frequent activity. Thankfully, Disney + & Hulu have made it super easy to do watch parties. But this is one of my favorite ways to just do life with friends. It’s such a low key way to spend time with someone you love. Plus, it’s great for the days where you really don’t have the energy but you know you need some people time for your mental health.


To me the true testament of friendship is being able to facetime throughout WHATEVER task you’re doing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent 3 hours on the phone with a friend while she does laundry, meal preps and just takes care of life. Honestly, keeping a long distance friendship together doesn’t have to be super exciting. 


I have yet to do this one but it’s on my list so this is your warning inner circle. But by now we know I’m a foodie. So the idea of ordering an epic meal for each other as a surprise and then eating dinner via facetime is a fun way to do something out of the ordinary. Now obviously I’d give some suggestions because we know I’m hella picky. However, it’s perfect for the nights when you want to do something out of the box.

How To Make A Long Distance Friendship Feel Less Distant #whatsavvysaid


If you’re following along on Instagram, you’ll know I’m in the midst of a staycation weekend when this post goes live (ps. blog post on that soon). When it comes to seeing my friends in person, it’s something I’ve learned to be intentional about over the years. But that’s the thing – you have to make time for it.

As much as I love the internet, texting, facetime, and the million other ways we stay connected, there’s something about in-person time that just makes a friendship that much stronger. So make sure you’re setting time to see each other. It could be 30 minutes. It could be 3 days. It just matters that you make time.


So I am notoriously bad for living in a little mental bubble. And because I live such a heavy life online, it can be just as easy for my friends to feel like they know what’s going on even when we haven’t chatted recently. This is why one of the things I try to do every few weeks is to send a “how are you” text. You know that question we often forget?

When you’re catching up with a long-distance friend, there is SO much you want to cover. But sometimes you miss the everyday important stuff because we’re telling stories. 

Whatever this reminder looks like for you, I promise it’s major in making sure the foundation of your friendship is strong. Somedays we just need to check in with ourselves and this text can remind us to do so.


Of all the activities I do with my friends, this is probably one of the most regularly occurring. Typically, I like to smash out my workout in the morning. I find that it sets my digestion up for success and just helps me actually get ready for the day. But in the evenings and on the weekends, I’ll try to squeeze in a friend walk. Walking and talking is a great way for me to slow down, unwind and calm my overall cortisol levels before bed. Plus, it means I’m staying active while also investing in something that’s important to me.

Alrighty, friends. There you have it. 10 ways to help make a long-distance friendship seem less distant. I’d love to know some of your favorite ways to spend time with friends when you can’t see them in person. Be sure to let me know in the comments below! And if you want to see our 30A stay-cay, be sure to come follow me on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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