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Now is the time when I get to dream a little, aka share the best of the best luxury clean beauty gifts if you’ve got a little more money in the Christmas budget to play with. Can you imagine just how excited I am?! I’m incredibly picky when it comes to these gift guides. So please know that despite the price tag on these luxury items, they are all ones I either own, will be buying in the next year or believe to be worth the cash. Let’s dream a little, shall we?

1. Kypris Cerulean Mask*

I’ve admired a lot of Kypris products over the last year since making the switch to clean beauty. And there are a few products that haven’t quite won my heart; the Antioxidant Dew & Clearing Serum are on the list. But this luxury clean mask gets RAVE reviews and would be perfect for the girl who has it all.  We all know I’m a bit obsessed with hydration masks. Plus, Kypris is known for having their stellar ingredients. Definitely one to buy for a loved one or yourself. 

2. Foreo Luna Mini 2*

I made the switch from Clarisonic to Foreo Luna in 2015 and never looked back. No replacement heads required. It’s great for acne prone skin. And the charge lasts ages. Like I think I’ve charged it less than 3 times in almost 5 years. 

The one thing I’ve discovered a lot of people traditional lack in their skincare routine is some kind of exfoliation. It’s what keeps your skin from looking so dull and bleh. So this is perfect for the girl who likes to keep her routine simple or even those with sensitive skin. Worth every penny and then some!

3. Amika Straightening Brush*

GHD launched a VERY similar version to this product in the last year or so that broke the internet. And while it’s lovely to have such nice gifts out there, this one is also amazing and costs a nice chunk less. Just because it’s on the luxury clean beauty gift list doesn’t mean we can’t rock a budget. 

Personally, my fine hair would not benefit from this product. But for my curly haired girls who want an easier and more gentle way to get straight hair, Amika has your back. And it brushes your hair all while styling it. I’d say that’s multi-tasking at it’s finest. 

4. Briogeo Hair Repair Vault*

All of the hair goodness you need to get a healthy mane in one luxury clean beauty bundle. Yes please! We know I love a bit of Briogeo. I’m also a sucker for a good gift set if the under $50 and under $100 gift guides didn’t give it away.

But if you’re looking to do a quick swap over to clean haircare, this bundle is the perfect investment.  You get both the treatment mask and leave in mask. So my damaged hair gals, you’ll be rocking the healthy hair in no time. 

5. GloPro Microneedling*

Here’s the thing about skincare not everyone talks about: there’s a trick to the madness. And while you can spend BANK on a fancy serum, it doesn’t really mean anything if it’s not absorbing into your skin. Microneedling is the at home solution to this struggle.

It works to help with skin cell turn over and makes it easier for your serums to actually sink into your skin. If you’re trying to fight aging, acne scars or just want to get the most from your products, you need this in your life. If my mom was a gadget gal, I’d definitely snag this for her this Christmas. But maybe I’ll buy it for her and steal it when she doesn’t use it. It still counts, right?

6. Kypris Puff Of Love*

I’m a sucker for a good moisturizer. So of course, the newest launch from Kypris had to land on the luxury clean beauty list. It’s meant for all skin types and is supposed to help with glow. You know I love a good glow. Sign me up!

7. Dyson Airwrap*

There was a lot of hype when this product launched. And as always, it seems like it divided the masses. You either loved it or hated it. Personally, it’s a luxury clean beauty gift I’m putting on my own wishlist this year.

If you’re looking to tone down your heat styling or wanting a more affordable way to do a blow out at home, this is a great tool. If you’re expected curling wand level curls with holding strength, probably one to pass on. For me, the ease of use and the ability to keep my fine hair healthier is worth it. But the love for this one will 100% be determined by your hair goals.

8. Tata Harper Hyaluronic Duo Set*

If there’s one ingredient I need more in my skincare routine, it’s hyaluronic acid. Thankfully, Tata Harper dropped this duo set this Christmas and now we can all get our luxury clean beauty gifts for a steal.

This is perfect for someone you know who struggles with keeping their skin moisturized or even has sensitive skin. Tata’s ingredients are top notch. They also tend to be powerful enough to pack a punch without being so strong they break you out. I’m here for it!

9. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangable Wand*

I’m notoriously terrible with curling irons. There’s just something about the movement I haven’t quit mastered to avoid the crease in the bottom of my curls. So when I finally broke down and invested in the T3 wand trio, it was life changing. I can actually get the curls that I want and not look like a hot mess because half my head doesn’t match. Ya know?

This is definitely one of those where you’re paying more up front for multiple options. If you just wanted one barrel size, they sell them as well. But if you’re as indecisive with your hair as I am, then you’ll be good to go no matter what length or style you want to rock!

10. Black Stone Essential Oil Diffuser*

I love a good chic home accessory. It has purpose but it also isn’t so ugly that it detracts from the space. And this black diffuser is the perfect luxury clean beauty gift for everyone one. I’m constantly diffusing oils in the place of candles because it’s a bit more budget friendly while also saving space. I also don’t have to worry about leaving them going when I leave the house. So if you have a friend or family member who loves to have their home smelling amazing and hasn’t jumped on the diffuser train, this gift would be perfect!

11. May Lindstrom Youth Dew*

We should probably just assume that this will be on my list of products I recommend to everyone until the end of time. Sound good? There’s just something about this serum combo that gives you that an incredible glow. It’s packed with AMAZING ingredients. May is meticulous about the sourcing of what goes in her products and it shows. I would happily give this to everyone on my Christmas list. It’s that good. 

12. Westman Atelier Le Box*

If you or your bestie have been dying to try anything from Westman Atelier, now is the time! Her products are the definition of luxury clean beauty so this is a great way to snag a few without the price tag you’d normally pay for them all. You get a highlighter, blush and bronzer in the box. The packaging on all 3 is stunning. I’m a little obsessed with the magnetized lid. All in all, I’d say this is an amazing luxury gift for the clean beauty lover in your life.  

13. Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum*

Do you ever sample a luxury product and hope you won’t like it? But then you end up falling in love instantly. Enter: Saint Jane’s CBD serum. It hydrates and calms your skin. There’s no awkward product sitting on the skin or pilling when you layer your moisturizer. You just get a beautiful, luxury clean beauty serum that is actually worth the price tag. If you’re prone to regular break outs, this might be a good option to try. I always find when I use it I wake up with my skin feeling softer and looking more calm. I’d love to see this serum under the Christmas tree so I may just buy it for myself. . . One for you and one for me. Right?

14. Goop Discovery Set*

I have LOTS of thoughts and feelings about GOOP products. When it’s a celebrity backed brand, I want it to stack up. And while I love GP, I also know that her products are marketed towards those with a bit more money to spend. Thankfully, GOOP has a box that let’s you test out several of their well-known products without the well-known price tag. Woohoo! 

I’ve been recently testing the exfoliating instant facial (TBD on my thoughts). But you also get a super lush night cream, a balm that’s perfect for removing makeup or a gentle cleanse and a facial oil. If you’ve got a babe that loves Gwyneth, this is a fab present. And it’s definitely a steal for all you get.

15. The Detox Market Monthly Box*

Hi. Hello. Do we remember this obsession? Because I’m still not over this subscription box. It’s my favorite clean beauty one that I’ve tried thus far. And it would make for an AMAZING gift for anyone you know looking to jump into clean beauty or wanting to try products without loads of research. Or if you’re my mother, someone who will only use those products you put in front of her. I’ve done a full review on this one if you’re looking to get a breakdown. But there’s several subscription options from monthly to every 3 or 6 months. I could rave about this luxury clean beauty gift for pages. 

16. Drunk Elephant The Trunk 3.o*

This kind of reminds me of the Tiffany’s advent calendar which I’m still not so secretly hoping someone unboxes on Youtube. But if you’ve ever thought, I just want to try ALL of drunk elephant in one go, this is the luxury clean beauty present for you. Or a loved one. We’re supposed to be shopping for loved ones. 

Thankfully, you get more than just products with this bundle. It also comes with a mini fridge. I’ve only seen this available at Cult Beauty so I wouldn’t put this on the last minute gifts list. But if you’re looking to swap over your entire routine in one go, this is a great way to do it. And the products you’ll get in it are amazing!


What luxury clean beauty gift would you add to the list? Is there a product on here you’re hoping to get this year or planning to buy yourself? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below.  And feel free to share this with someone you think would find it helpful. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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