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After I finished writing the Netflix/Amazon post, I asked you babes on Instagram if you wanted a what to watch on Hulu version. There was a resounding yes! I knew there was a reason we were friends. I’ve rounded up 100 shows/movies that are currently available to watch on Hulu. Some of my all times faves like One Tree Hill and Revenge are on the list along with some new launches and a few I’ll be watching for the first time. I’ve also included some that I’ve worked on or help support my friends so they can hopefully go back to work soon! Let me know in the comments below what you’re watching. I’m currently on my re-watch of Revenge and loving it. Sending you all the love and positive vibes. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

100 Must Watch Movies & TV Shows On Hulu #whatsavvysaid #whattowatchnext

Little Fires Everywhere

The tv show based on the book recently dropped it’s first 3 episodes on Hulu early! It stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. If you liked Desperate Housewives or Big Little Lies, you’ll like this one.

Grey’s Anatomy

If you’re looking for a way to pass time in quarantine, there’s PLENTY of episodes here to watch. I also featured this one on my Netflix list. But it’s worth the double coverage.

The Resident

This one is on my own personal list to watch because I’ve been majorly slacking. I try my best to support the shows my friends are on so they can keep working. But I also love Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry. If you need a new medical drama in your life, this is one to check out!

Good Girls

Mae Whitman is one of my fave actresses. She’s hilarious and just a joy to watch. Along with a cast of other fabulous women, the story is about three suburban moms who decide to take their lives back even if that means doing things that aren’t quite legal.


This show was SO good. Suspense. Drama. Emily VanCamp kicking butt. If you like Desperate Housewives or other female driven dramas, you’ll like this one.

Life Of Kylie

Remember that time that Kylie Jenner fooled everyone and hid a pregnancy for a year? Well this show happened before that and is a mini series of entertainment.

Love Island

I 100% confess I’ve never watched Love Island. But after several years of reading all the tweets from British bloggers, I’m intrigued. Think the Bachelor. Kind of. All the drama. All the dating fun. A glass of wine and a few episodes of this sounds like a fab Friday night right now.

One Tree Hill

When I created this list I did it in order of when I found things on Hulu but let’s be honest. OTH is the list. The top of the list. It will forever be on the list. All the nostalgia, drama and ridiculousness you never knew you needed in one show. It revivals a soap opera in its craziness but also manages to teach you. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it asap. 

The Masked Singer

I truly want to know who pitched the idea of this reality show because it’s the best show you never thought would exist. Also, the costumes are next level. I’m very behind on this season but I’ve been keeping up with who’s been unmasked and I’m shocked. With the popularity of season one, bigger celebrities have come on board for season two. So you really never know who is going to be singing in costume on tv!

Desperate Housewives

It’s a classic. Before the real housewives (also featured on this list), we had the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Fashionable while also being dramatic. They were the best. 


This show got me through some of the tough days after I lost my dad. I didn’t want anything but comedy on. And truthfully, it’s been a loved show for years. I’m here for all the sass Reba dishes out. Plus, it’s clean, family fun!

The Bold Type

I’m majorly behind on this show. It’s got all the things you loved about Sex And The City and Younger. And maybe a little bit of Girls. There will most certainly be a bottle of wine, some chocolate and a Saturday night watching this in my future. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I’m sure many would call this a guilty pleasure. I, however, will happily tell you I love this show. Once upon a time, I watched more reality tv aka The Bachelor. But these days I pretty much limit myself to only this one. 

Make It Or Break It

There was a time where gymnastics entertainment was a thing. Remember Stick It? This show was like the tv version but without everyone disqualifying themselves by showing their bra strap. 🙄 I’m pretty sure it got cancelled so don’t expect a happy ending with this one. But if you’re missing the olympics (which have been postponed due to Covid-19), you now have several seasons of gymnastics drama to keep you entertained!

The Hills

Just thinking about this show reminds me of college. Our school didn’t have MTV so we would have to go to a friend’s grandma’s to watch it. 😂 But she fed us snacks and we know how I feel about food! If you need an escape for a few hours or just a reminder of your youth, why not watch Lauren Conrad classic mascara cry moment or the drama that was Heidi/Spencer. Can you imagine what this show would have been like if instagram was around?


To be honest, I’d totally forgotten what the premise of this pilot was until writing this post. But essentially, an  unpopular girl gains popularity when a rumor gets out of hand. It’s adorable, funny and youthful. 


Sutton Foster. Hillary Duff. What more could you want? Younger is about a divorced 40 something who lies about her age to get a job. And of course, all the fun things that come after that when people find out she’s not exactly 26. It’s fun, witty, filled with fabulous clothing and so easy to fall in love with. The episodes are under 30 minutes so you can easily binge a season or 5 in a few days.

Chicago Fire

There was a hot second where I was obsessed with this show. The first of the Chicago trio on NBC, you get all the drama of a medical show but with the added suspense of a crime show. And of course, tons of romance and good looking people. If you like Law & Order, CSI or any classic crime drama, you’ll enjoy this one. 

The Last Ship

Full disclosure: now may not be the best time for you to watch this if you’re already feeling loads of anxiety with Covid-19. Because essentially, this show is about a virus that spreads throughout humanity and the search for a cure with loads of people dying before that happens including many government officials, family members of those on board the last navy ship (thus the name) and more. Nevertheless, it’s a great show. If you liked Containment or other military shows, you’ll like this one. 


And back to NOT reality. The book turned movie turned tv show. I got hooked on this book series years ago and was intrigued to see how it would play out on screen. To be fair, they did a wonderful job. The cast was fab and the fan base insane. If you’re looking for a good few hours to lose in something that doesn’t resemble real life on Hulu, this is a great choice.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Listen. I’m still not over how the OG show ended. Spencer with a British crazy twin? But to be fair, if PLL was still on Netflix, I would have put it on the list. Because I still love that show. I only made it through episode one of the reboot (or take 2?) but I’m intrigued enough to say it’s worth watching. I also wish it had lasted longer because it would have been lovely to see other cast members return.

This Is Us

When Parenthood was still a thing, I got hooked. I laughed. I cried. I went through all the emotions. And then I swore off those intense family dramas because I was ALWAYS crying. Of course, then we got This Is Us and I got right back on the rollercoaster. I’m very behind so now seems like a great time to get emotionally attached right?

Killing Eve

I have yet to watch a single episode of this but based on the rave reviews of Sandra Oh’s performance, I think it’s time to give it a go. It reminds me of Covert Affairs but maybe a bit more intense. 

Barefoot Contessa

I HEART INA. I would wear that shirt. Barefoot Contessa is all the nostaglia for me but I also learn SO much.  It’s just such a cozy, calm way to spend the afternoon. Thankful if you’re looking for what to watch on Hulu, this is available! If you want/need all the chill vibes in your home, turn on Ina. And grab a snack. She will make you hungry.

Fixer Upper

While you’re stuck at home, you can now binge watch Fixer Upper on Hulu to finally decide how Joanna would shiplap your house. Or how you could because boredom might set in and it might seem like a really good idea?

Property Brothers

Or if you aren’t into shiplap, you always have the property brothers. A classic HGTV show that will teach you that everything in Canada is ridiculously expensive. 

Scream Queens

As a former sorority girl, I had more than one text thread going during the pilot of this show. Half the fun of being in a sorority is watching how tv/films portray them. Here’s the thing. This show isn’t particularly great. It’s over the top ridiculous. But if you can accept that you’re watching something that’s not meant to be an Oscar but simply entertain, you’ll definitely find yourself laughing. 


I’m going to blame one too many episodes of Charmed as a kid on my obsession with mystical tv shows. And the movie The Covenant. Also, The Scarlett Letter. Either way, after Shane West finished his run on Nikita and moved onto Salem, I curiously followed along. Am I behind? Of course. Is this a great time to catch up on another historical witch based show when I’m looking for what to watch on Hulu? Absolutely!

Witches Of East End

But if I could only pick one witch based show, it would be Witches Of East End. Forever. I’m still tragically sad they cancelled this. I love Melissa De La Cruz’s books and somehow I managed to miss this series turned tv show. But the cast was phenomenal and the story was so good. If you liked Orphan Black, you’ll like this.


Growing up, I watched a lot of X-Files with my dad. It was a thing. But I never managed to watch the most recent season run. A good alien show also feels like a nice detour from reality.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

And now we’ve hit the childhood classics. Thank you Hulu for giving us Buffy when we’re looking for what to watch. I’m still team Spike. The bleach blonde hair makes me laugh now. If only we had purple shampoo back then. . . But it’s been ages since I’ve seen this one from the start. 


And if you weren’t team Spike, we have Angel with his own show. David Boreanaz is a beast. He has been a lead actor on tv for the last 23 years. Friends, the man has worked 60-80 hour weeks for 23 years. Hopefully with a few less hours per week but wow. If you loved Charmed, Supernatural or a good angel/demon/sci-fi show, you’ll like this one. 

30 Rock

Another one I need to watch because we all could use a little Tina Fey humor in our lives. 

Baby Daddy

If you haven’t seen Baby Daddy, it’s all the clean, family fun goodness you need in your life. Think Full House but without loads of siblings or a widowed father. More like a 20 something guy who finds out he’s a dad when his kid gets left on his door step. It’s adorable, heart warming and filled with all the laughs. If you liked Reba, you’ll like this.


I’ll confess that I didn’t give Bunheads its proper due when it first came out. I was woefully ignorant to the beauty that is Sutton Foster. And I was also still sad that Amy Sherman Palladino had left Gilmore Girls but brought loads of the cast onto this show. It felt strange. But it’s a beautifully written show about love, life, losing those you love and chasing your dreams. Who can’t relate?

Cougar Town

I feel like I missed the boat on this the first time around. So now that I’m going back through everything, it’s made it on my must watch on Hulu list. It’s definitely one I don’t think was the most relatable to me when it aired originally but I feel like I could get on board now. A story that follows the relationships of a bunch of neighbors that live in Florida? Sign me up! Plus, I love Busy Philipps.

Full House

Sometimes you just need a classic comedy to get you through the day. While it’s lovely to stay up to date on all the latest info, you also need a break. There is only so much we can do at one time. So if you’re looking for a clean, family friendly show in the hunt for what to watch on Hulu, why not go for a classic?

How I Met Your Mother

I will admit: I never watched this show when it aired. But so many people speak so highly of it that I feel like it’s another top contender for my must watch on Hulu list. The cast is great. I know there are mixed feelings about the finale on this one. When are there not? However, I’m still willing to give it a chance.

Melissa & Joey

Another family friendly comedy that is good for a laugh. An adult who feels like a kid ends up raising her niece & nephew unexpectedly. And then you add a good looking “manny” into the mix, things are sure to go wrong. Like all the time. Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence are comedic gold.

The Mindy Project

Have I mentioned how much I adore Mindy Kaling in this post yet? She’s spectacular. And if you haven’t seen Late Night (on my Netflix & Amazon list), it’s a must watch. But the Mindy Project is about a young, funny ob-gyn who has tons of quirky co-workers, relationship problems and great fashion. It’s heart warming, light hearted and very addicting! You’ll like this if you liked The Office.

Ugly Betty

Another light hearted show that you can watch on Hulu. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this one but I’m a sucker for a transformation story. Or watching someone get their dream job. Truthfully, I don’t feel like there are many shows like this any more. If you liked Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or The Mindy Project, you’ll like this.

Will & Grace

Because sometimes you just need a comedic half hour show about a girl and her gay best friend in your life. But, also, Will & Grace is a classic. 

Dawson’s Creek

I cannot guarantee you won’t have the theme song from this stuck in your head for a month because I do just mentioning it. It’s like an automatic reaction to hearing the words Dawson’s Creek at this point. Two best friends who are kind of in love with each other but somehow never seem to be on the right page. All the high school drama and classic 2000s teen tv you’ve been missing in your life.

Devious Maids

When a maid is murdered, a mother goes undercover as a maid to find out what really happened. Think Desperate Housewives meets Jane The Virgin. And then throw in a bit of Maid In Manhattan. An over the top lifetime show that will keep you fully distracted. 


In the days after Bring It On, the FIRST version because there are a million now, Eliza Dushku made the tv rounds. First, she played a girl who essentially had a groundhog day life to solve murders. And then she landed on Dollhouse. If you like Westworld or Orphan Black, you’ll like this one. 

The Good Wife

If you like Suits, you’ll like The Good Wife. But a woman who has to provide for her family after her husband’s scandal puts him behind bars is sure to tug at the heart strings. As women, we know what it’s like to step up. And Julianna Margulies does a killer job leading this show. (also on my Netflix list)


A show about a bunch of undercover government agents (DEA, FBI, CIA) living in a beach house taking down all sorts of criminal organizations. But of course the lines get blurred, people fall in love/lust and everyone one is beautiful. If you like suspense, crime shows or just want to see Aaron Tveit on your tv, put this on your must watch on Hulu list. 


Greek will forever hold a place in my heart. Partly because it was a show my sorority sisters and I always talked about. There are so many tv shows that portray Greek life incorrectly. This one gets it right. You get the romance, bromance and all the fun of close friendships plus the drama. 


If you like undercover shows or the Bourne Identity, you’ll like Legends. An undercover operative who transforms himself into a different person for each job starts to question who he truly is. It’s the ultimate mystery.

Lie To Me

A show about a deception expert who can detect lies based on your micro expressions and body language is the perfect way to pass the time. But, also, you can pretend that you’re learning new things because can you imagine how handy it would be to have that skill? Or maybe totally disastrous. You decide. 


Ah the once beloved show about musicians, young & old, navigating a career in the heart of country music. You’ll get some well loved actors plus a few newer faces in this must watch on Hulu drama. 

The OC

Once upon a time, we all fell in love with the bromance of Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood. Then sh*t got crazy and cast members kept leaving. But now is as good a time as any to go back and watch Seth & Summer fall in love. Or just the pilot so you can watch Chris Carmack (pre-Nashville & Grey’s Anatomy) deliver his classic “welcome to the oc bitch” line. 


If you love This is Us but never watched Parenthood, you should. Also, let just apologize now for the emotional rollercoaster I’m telling you to get on. Be sure to restock the wine and the chocolate (like my raw chocolate truffle recipe). And whatever paper goods you can get your hands on. You’re going to need it. 

Rizzoli And Isles

A tomboy detective and a brilliant, very feminine medical examiner make for the buddy cop show with female leads you never knew you needed. So much heart, family and love all in one show. If you like Law & Order, you’ll like this one. 


If you love all the superhero shows but haven’t watched Smallville, Hulu has you covered. All 10 seasons are available so you can watch Clark Kent go from small town boy in love with a girl to the man who saves the world. 


Every time the #savethetimeless thread pops up on twitter, I’m reminded of how much I miss this show. When a man steals a machine that allows him to time travel and change history, a historian, a solider & a scientist are sent to try to find & stop him. You get romance, historical fiction and episodic suspense stories all in one. 


The most shocking tv show based on reality tv that you must watch. Whether you actually like the Bachelor or not, you need to watch Unreal. It’s a show based on the perspective of those who produce a Bachelor like show. Crazy drama. Even crazier situations. You’ll be hooked. 

Veronica Mars

I became a marshmallow after VM went off the air. But thankfully you can easily watch in on Hulu. Including the most recent season that I don’t think anyone is emotionally over. If you like the sass of Gilmore Girls or the suspense of Revenge, you’ll like this one. 

Marvel’s Runaways

When a group of teenagers find out that their parents are up to some shady things, they decide to runaway from home and undo the corrupt actions of their parents. You get everything from the discovery of powers, dealing with sexuality, relationship drama and of course, a classic superhero/villain story with several villains. 

Brothers & Sisters

Before This Is Us and Parenthood, we had Brothers & Sisters. If you’re all caught up on your emotional family drama shows, why not watch this one on Hulu?

Friday Night Lights

And for those of you who are dying for some football, you now have the option to add a bit of drama to your screen. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose. 

The Golden Girls

There’s really nothing like a classic sitcom show. And because I’ve yet to watch this show from start to finish, it’s at the top of my must watch on Hulu list. 


The Sherlock Holmes based show with a female Watson hooked me a few years back. I love how they changed the dynamic to Watson working as a live in sponsor for Sherlock only to become a partner in his crime solving. The show ended last year so if you’re looking for what to watch on Hulu with a full run, this is it!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Going back to my teenage days, I loved Sabrina. I included the sort of remake on my Netflix list. But nothing beats the family friendly original version where you walk through a closet to get to the other realm. I love watching these shows now and looking at how much fashion has changed. Plus, the soulmate stone ending always gets me. 

The Librarians

I need to do myself the favor of finishing this show. So we can put this on my personal watch list. The premise reminds me a lot of Warehouse 13 meets Leverage. A quirky group of people solving mysteries to do with ancient artifacts including a thief, a historian, a warrior and a mathematician. Mysteries. Adventures. History. All the fun!


If you haven’t figure out by now, I have a lot of shows I’ve started, got distracted and now need to finish. So let’s add this to the list. A woman wakes up in times square covered in tattoos and can’t remember who she is. The tattoos lead her to an FBI agent and a whole bunch of questions. 


The BBC mini series of the Jane Austen classic is on Netflix. I’ve always enjoyed the Gwyneth Paltrow version but this version allows for a bit more character development.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

For when you want to ignore your own family drama and watch someone else’s. 

Chicago PD

The 2nd in the Chicago series, you get all the gems from a the classic Dick Wolf shows like Law & Order but with a new group. It’s hard not to fall in love with this misfit gang. 

Real Housewives Of NYC

Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Modern Family

Somehow I’ve managed to neglect this comedy but I feel like now would be a great time to start. If you’re looking for a light hearted show with a family you can’t help but love, add this one to you must watch on Hulu list. 

Law & Order SVU

It’s been ages since I’ve watched Law & Order. But it’s such a classic crime show. I love how they never shy away from what’s happening in the world.


It’s also been ages since I’ve watched Empire. Clearly, now is a great time for me to catch up on shows. I was hesitant at first because I love to be behind the curve on tv shows or discover them on my own. I like to watch in ignorance so I can form my own opinions. And often times, the hype doesn’t match the quality. But the first season of Empire is amazing. Definitely recommend!

Ellen’s Game Of Games

A little light hearted comedy is always good for the soul. 

Chicago Med

But if you’d like something more serious and haven’t seen Chicago Med yet, now is the time to dive in. All the things you love about Grey’s Anatomy but a bit more low key. And filled with a cast you’ll quickly adore. 

12 Monkeys

There are far more shows about deadly diseases than I realized until doing a what to watch on Hulu post. But 12 Monkeys fall in that category. It’s also got time travel (aka the person who is going back in random points in time to try to fix things) and romance. 

Sons Of Anarchy

I put this on my watch list a few years ago and never saw it through. Breaking Bad is also on the list but we will get there. If you haven’t watched it either, then it might be a great time for both of us to start. So much praise. So many awards. This will probably be my next rainy day show.


I try my hardest to support female film makers no matter the project because it helps pave the way for more female led work. And it means my friends have the opportunity to do more amazing things and tell even more incredible stories. I didn’t manage to make it in theaters to see Booksmart but I heard so many amazing things. Now that it’s on Hulu I’ll definitely be watching!

The Good Guy

The first time I saw this movie was at a nail salon. Somehow they always seem to have the most random and impressive movie collections. Bryan Greenberg, Alexis Bledel and Scott Porter star as the love triangle in this movie about a womanizer who works on Wall Street and does NOT know how to treat his girl. It’s a nice little rom-com that will keep you entertained for a few hours. 

I, Tonya

After recently watching Bird Of Prey and listening to Margot Robbie talk about this movie, I knew I needed to add it to my what to watch on Hulu list. Based on the ice skater Tonya Harding, it was nominated for 3 oscars and won best supporting actress. I’m curious to see how they brought these characters to life while also honoring such intense relationships. 

Leap Year

I love a good rom com. And they seem to be a rare breed these days. But if you’ve never seen Leap Year,  you’re in for a treat. It’s about a woman who travels half way across the world to purpose to her boyfriend on leap day. Shenanigans ensure. Nothing goes as expected. And of course, she meets a very charming man with an accent along the way. 

A Simple Favor

I talked about this one in my Netflix post but it’s worth noting every time I see it. My only suggestion is that you do your best to watch this with no spoilers. The twists are amazing. The characters will have you saying WTF often. It’s brilliant.

Where’d You Go, Berandette

I never read the book but the movie post intrigued me. So now I feel like I should watch/read both.

When Harry Met Sally

Another classic. Once upon a time, Meg Ryan was winning us over with all of the rom-coms. Sleepless in Seattle. You’ve Got Mail. But nothing beats the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally. Trust me. It’s iconic. 

Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon. Robin Williams. Ben Affleck. And a story about a kid who just needed someone to believe in him. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll cry again. So good. 

Friends With Kids

Two friends who decide to have a baby together and keep things platonic. Do we actually think that’s going to go well? Of course not. Will we watch them try to co-parent and not fall in love in the process but know they have no chance of escaping it? Absolutely!

Book Club

I will pretty much watch anything Diane Keaton makes. She is a queen. But this movie is fabulous, hilarious and just an all around good time. 

Tragedy Girls

This is the last film I worked on before I went into my “mini” retirement or whatever this season of life is for me. Either way, it’s an indie horror film with loads of wit, laughs and sass all rolled into one. I’ll be watching so let me know if you decided to join in!

If Beale Street Could Talk

And once again, I’m years behind on award movies. But I’ve heard so many amazing things about this movie. Plus, Regina King is a boss. 

Passport To Paris


Switching Goals

Double Double Toil & Trouble

Billboard Dad

Bridget Jones’s Baby

If you haven’t seen the first two in this series, you can still watch this one. It will warm your heart and make you cry. Renee Zellweger does a beautiful job as Bridget. But she’s also got quite the supporting cast!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

I think it’s safe to say that Hulu has me going down the nostalgia rabbit hole. My Best Friend’s Wedding is a Julia Roberts classic that everyone needs to watch. And to be honest, the title tells you everything. 

Morning Glory

I love this Rachel McAdams movie. It’s got humor. It’s got a very sassy Harrison Ford. It’s got a bit of romance. What’s not to love. 

The Big Wedding

Honestly, the cast alone is why you need to watch this movie if you’re stuck at home. So many great people all on one screen. Essentially, it’s about a family that comes together for a wedding. But of course, it’s never that simple. Divorced parents. Issues that never got worked out. Kids that think they should have eloped. It’s funny and probably something we’ve all experienced at one point.

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