What To Buy Yourself For Valentine’s Day

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Now, what kind of internet bestie would I be if I let Valentine’s Day go uncelebrated? Who cares if you’re single, married, divorced, or any other box you can check to define your status to the world. Self-love is a year-round thing, my friend. And I for one love any excuse to celebrate. So today I’m rounding up my current loves that are a bit luxurious, luscious, and totally worthy of your time & energy. Let’s get started because you absolutely need to know what to buy yourself for Valentine’s Day (or to tell your partner). You deserve it after all.

What To Buy Yourself For Valentine's Day #whatsavvysaid #valentinesday #luxurygiftguide

What To Buy For Valentine’s Day

Silk Slip Dress

One of the ways I like to level up my life is to imagine how that version of me would behave. In every way. How does she start her day, what does she drink, what does she wear, what’s her color palette. . . Is it excessive? Maybe. It is effective? Hell yes. So for 2021 one of my goals in stepping into the next level of me was to upgrade my sleepwear. Aka all silk pjs.

So when the team from Sunday Citizen reached out a few months back to tell me about their loungewear (also in this post), I knew I needed to give their slip dresses a try. And I AM OBSESSED. I currently have 2 that I wear on rotation. One in beige and one in red. They are perfection and here’s why.

They have a slight curvature to them so they accent the hourglass figure – an essential for me. The dress fits comfortably at the top with room at the bottom. You can wash it. And the girls are covered so you don’t turn into that tank top meme when you sleep (ps. I shared this on insta the other day and it made for a good laugh).

Weighted Blanket

Tbh it’s taken me forever and a day to pull the trigger on this one because I honestly didn’t think I would need it. But now that I have it, I love it so much. I did a full week-long review on my Youtube channel covering everything from how I felt it worked during really anxious moments to my everyday use. So if you have more questions about if it’s worth it for you, definitely check it out. However, I love mine and the cover is washable which is essential with 3 pups.

A Wine Subscription

One of the things I’ve discovered for myself and my body over the last year is how much better I feel when I’m not consuming refined sugar. And one of the places you never think to read the label for sugar is your wine. Thankfully, more and more brands/people are becoming aware of this. But I’ve fallen in love with one particular wine subscription: Dry Farms Wine.

Here’s why: less sugar means I can have a glass and feel satisfied. Typically, wine leaves me wanting more wine which means I want carbs because my blood sugar has been spiked & kicks in my cravings. I don’t have this problem with Dry Farms. I can simply enjoy my glass with my book at night (or my current Smithsonian channel obsession) and be content.

It also means less inflammation and easier recovery from workouts. One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve transitioned to a paleo-based diet is that I don’t have the same sinus & inflammatory issues I had before. When I consume traditional wine or refined sugar, I find that it takes me days longer to recover from a hard workout as well as my hands start cramping due to inflammation. Dry Farms means I can enjoy my glass of wine and still honor what works best for my body.

This Vibrator

I mentioned Dame Products in my Christmas gift guides. But we’re going to bring them up again because I’m such a fan of this brand and the conversations they are having on Instagram stories. I also think that the stigma around vibrators, women’s pleasure, and enjoying sex has a long way to go. For now, let’s talk about the Arc.

If you’re a single gal or just have a strong preference for solo pleasure, the Arc gives you multiple options. And because not all women orgasm the same way, this is a great multi-tool for exploring your own pleasure. Or to use with a partner to help you explore together. Dame also makes lots of other great products if you find you prefer a specific type of stimulation. As well, they make items that work for both partners.

What To Buy Yourself For Valentine's Day #whatsavvysaid #valentinesday #luxurygiftguide

A Gorgeous Piece Of Chic, Sustainable & Delicate Jewelry (budget & luxury options)

The older I get the more mindful I am about the pieces I buy especially when it comes to jewelry. At 30, it’s easier to see the trends and know what will & won’t last. Plus, I’m all about surrounding myself with items I’ll love for a long time. And Gemist makes some of my favorite pieces that are sustainable as well as gorgeous.

You can buy almost everything as either a fashion piece or with the true stones. They have everything from chic huggies to delicate rings and necklaces. The brand founder was on the WSS podcast last year and she gave us the scoop on everything you don’t know that goes into your gold. I have my eye on several pieces to add to my collection this year. But if you’re looking for what to buy for Valentine’s Day for yourself and need something with a bit of sparkle, start with Gemist.

A New Book

Now as much as we know I’m a film & tv gal, I get tired of scrolling. At this point, while we’re still catching up from the 2020 delays, it almost feels pointless or like we know all of Netflix. Thus, I’ve reignited my love of reading and have discovered my newest obsession: Book Of The Month Club.

BOTM isn’t new by any means. But it’s a great way to discover new authors and genre that you might not typically find from your Goodreads/Amazon recommendations. And if you haven’t fallen into the hole of bookstagram or been into a book store in a while, this is a great way to get outside the book box.

I’m on my second month of books and I’ve chosen what’s supposed to be a thriller. So I can’t wait to carve out a few hours this month to dive in. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly gift for yourself or your partner, what’s better than a new book to get lost in each month.

This Fabulous Cake (baked for you)

Believe it or not, there are not that many paleo bakeries in the world. So when I want something that feels like a treat, I put on my little apron & get to baking. Or if I’m lucky enough to be in Nashville/Atlanta, I go to Five Daughter’s bakery. And while I don’t mind doing this most of the time, there’s the occasion where I just want someone else to bake my cake for me. *MS and I have this discussion for my bday every year*

Thankfully, Sweet Laurel is available for delivery to your front door. And they have the most delicious looking treats. You can order via Goldbelly or directly from their website. And if you want to try your own hand at it, they have a website packed with recipes. But for that special occasion when you just want someone else to do it, SL is your paleo cake savior!

A Gift Of The Heart

Sometimes I think the best gift we can give ourselves is knowing we’ve helped someone else. Whether that’s financially or by sending a letter, there are so many ways to show love. So before we continue with the guide, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that maybe the best gift you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day is the gift of hope. Maybe you write a letter to future you to read in a year. Or maybe you’ve felt extraordinarily blessed lately and want to give to a local classroom or women’s shelter. Whatever the case may be, if you’re giving yourself a gift this year, let it be something that brings you joy. 


If you read my manifesting post, you’ll know I’m all about being intentional with what you’re calling into your life. And having a candle that you light that reminds you to focus on that specific thing is a great way to do it. It’s a small cue that helps trigger your brain to focus in a certain direction which is everything when you’re trying to create new habits & manifest big things.

Of course, I’m eyeing up the money candle as my goal for 2021 is expansion both with WSS and financially. I want to be able to do some big things in the world so shifting my energy around money is major for me. Plus, My Secret Scent is female-founded & features some gorgeous candles. Sold!

A Monthly Flower Subscription

I’ve always wanted to be someone who had fresh flowers in their house. It’s the small touches that really add up, ya know? So when I found Grace Rose Farm on Instagram, I immediately fell in love. I’m super picky about flowers (are we surprised?). And I didn’t want a bouquet that looked sad. Of course, you could always find a local florist. For my 30A babes, you could always go with Magnolia Flowers. But I’m majorly obsessed with GRF. Plus, I’m a big believer in always making sure you date yourself. So why not make sure that I buy myself the most gorgeous flowers monthly.

A Wardrobe Spruce Up (On A Budget)

If you follow me on the gram, you may have noticed a few new pieces in the wardrobe rotation recently. I did a poll on stories the other day asking what you wanted to see more of and loads of you said fashion content. So stay tuned: it’s coming. But to break out of my rut and add a few new pieces in, I treated myself to another round of Rent The Runway for January. If you’ve never heard of RTR, I’ve done a full review here. I managed to get almost every piece right this time. And I fell in love with my purse. Nevertheless, it was the perfect little temporary seasonal update to let me try new styles, add in a fun piece or two and play with a sassy cut dress without having to worry about the dry cleaning. It’s the best!

A Coffee Moment aka Terra Kaffe

I mentioned wanting a Terra Kaffe over the holidays because your girl drinks lots of coffee. Currently, in either this clear cup or this pink mug because we love an aesthetic moment. But if you’re looking for a luxury gift to give yourself or maybe you’re just ready to make your coffee habit a bit more sustainable, I highly recommend the Terra Kaffe. Full review is on the blog so be sure to check it out!

Luxury Loungewear

Remember when I mentioned that Sunday Citizen asked me about loungewear. Well like a dummy, I said no the first time. I try very hard to be mindful of what I’m wearing as it impacts my mindset. But then I tried their loungewear and fell in love. And now we need to talk about it ASAP. It’s luxury. It’s beyond soft. It’s also not the kind of loungewear that makes you feel like Eeyore. Ya know? I don’t want to walk by a mirror and think: oh that’s not a good look. Because that energy seeps into my brain and impacts EVERYTHING else. Whether it’s PJs or cozy clothes, I want to be sure I feel my best because that’s what I want to attract. This is why I’m obsessed with the cosset shorts & pullover in denim.

A Massage (Or A Gift Card For Future You)

As I’m writing this post, I’m trying not to be distracted by Instagram and the conversation Good Golden Creative & I have started about massages. They are life. And while I know that not everywhere currently has options available for this, if you can & feel comfortable, your body deserves a break from the stress it’s been carrying. More than you probably realize, to be honest. For my Southern gals, I recently did a trip to The Henderson Resort & Spa to try out their Intuitive Wellness Massage. It included everything from dry brushing to using the gua sha on your body and of course a full body massage. I did a full breakdown of their current Covid regulations on stories (saved in the 30A highlight). So be sure to check it out!

The Best Face Mist

I’ve tried quite a few face mists over the years and never really had one that WOWed me so quickly. But I should have known there’s a reason all my fave British bloggers are obsessed with Allies of Skin. This is one of those lush things not everyone will treat themselves to but if you’re looking for what to buy for Valentine’s Day for yourself, do it. Your skin will thank you.


I know, I know. I’m becoming one of those crazy Peloton people. Kind of. I’m in the facebook group so I think I can safely say I’m not quite there yet. But my love has advanced enough that I want the tread now. If you’ve read my review this may be shocking to you but I’m caving. Everyone that I know that has one, loves it. However, I don’t think that necessarily means everyone will love it. If nothing else, I would recommend gifting yourself the app for a month or two to try. I’m currently loving the running classes as I’ve been working to build up strength so I can go farther. But with the addition of The Year Of Yes classes in partnership with Shonda Rhimes, Beyonce classes and so many other themes, there’s something for everyone.

An Air Fryer

I don’t know I almost finished this post without talking about my air fryer. It’s one of the best things in our kitchen. If you missed it, I posted an air fryer Brussel sprouts with Garlic Aioli recipe yesterday (inspired by my fave at La Crema). It’s divine. We use our little convection/air fryer combo constantly. I test a majority of the WSS recipes in it. It’s so good plus it’s does so many things which means you don’t have to worry about giving up precious kitchen counter space for 17 different appliances. Alrighty, friends, I think that’s everything! So many good gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, I hope you found something you love. And be sure to come let me know on Instagram. I love chatting with you! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy
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