The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

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Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you aren’t sick of my Christmas gift guide series yet because I’m having so much fun making them. And today’s guide is a beast. There’s still a few more to come that are price specific. But for today’s gift guide, we’re breaking everything down into categories. I’ll highlight a few of my top faves in each category as well as how I incorporate them into my everyday life. Grab your peppermint hot cocoa and let’s hit it friends! We’ve got some shopping to do.

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Clean Beauty Lover

TBH I haven’t been impressed with that many products this year that feel worthy of our Christmas Gift Guide. I.e. I love them enough that think they work for ALL types. But the few I have fallen in love with are game changes. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I fell in love with Nuele earlier this year. Their founder, Dr. Christine, was on the WSS podcast. So it’s no surprise it’s at the top of the list for Clean Beauty today.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #whatsavvysaid #christmas2020 #christmasgifts #giftguide #christmasmug #imthepresent

Wellness Junkie

I’ve had my acupressure mat for well over a year now. But it’s only been in the last few weeks that it’s become a full-on obsession. I’ve been reaching for it daily as a way to ground me and help me focus inward. I also managed to find a new matcha this year that beats all the other ones I’ve tried. And of course, I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a journal in the wellness category would I?

Luxury Lover

We know I love a luxury moment. And there are a few items that I couldn’t sneak into the round-up below like a Peloton or a Dry Farms Wine subscription. But both are lush presents if you’re looking to really treat yourself this year. If you haven’t yet tried them, I’ve been obsessed with my ugg slippers and slip hair ties for ages now. Nevertheless, I would happily give any of these items to my fave guys and gals. They are just that good.


There are so many well-loved items in our kitchen that I think everyone needs in their life. But a spatula is at the top of the list. We have them in all sizes and I can’t imagine life without them. There’s also the cold brew tea bottle I discovered earlier this year. It’s the perfect pick for your friends who never seem to be able to drink enough water. And of course, I had to include my air fryer/convection oven combo in this year’s Christmas gift guide. We use ours daily for everything including toasting, baking, air frying, broiling, etc. I’m so glad we waited to get a combo appliance (you know I love streamlined kitchen). And this oven has been well worth it!

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