The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

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Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you aren’t sick of my Christmas gift guide series yet because I’m having so much fun making them. And today’s guide is a beast. There’s still a few more to come that are price specific. But for today’s gift guide, we’re breaking everything down into categories. I’ll highlight a few of my top faves in each category as well as how I incorporate them into my everyday life. Grab your peppermint hot cocoa and let’s hit it friends! We’ve got some shopping to do.

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The Luxury Lover

When it comes to luxury items, I never want to recommend something that I don’t wholeheartedly believe is worth the $$. But this year’s Christmas gift guide contenders are products I would buy time and time again. Replica By The Fireplace is my winter perfume of choice. It’s the most calming scent that I can’t get enough of. The Dyson Airwrap – my hair obsession. Masterclass – my goto for filling my cup when I’m not in an audiobook. And of course, the other gorgeous products below.


The Homebody

If I’m honest, I feel like a mix of every category on today’s Christmas Wishlist depending on the time of the month. When my inner introvert has been doing too much or my to-do list feels too long, my homebody card gets played. And there are a few items that make my space a bit extra cozy.

On the top of that list, my weighted blanket from Sunday Citizen. With 3 dogs, I’m always looking at how easily I can clean something. I’ve done a full review on this blanket (you can find it here). It’s a game-changer. My other major obsession has been the USB rechargeable lighter. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about creating calming spaces and setting good energy wherever I am. So having a lighter that doesn’t run out of fluid is amazing.


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #whatsavvysaid #christmas2020 #christmasgifts #giftguide #christmasmug #imthepresent

Wellness Junkie

This year has found my wellness habits on a bit of a rollercoaster. But thankfully, as we draw to the end of 2021, there are a few things that have been major in helping me break out. Firstly, my Oura ring has been a game-changer for tracker my sleep and setting me up for better habits (review coming soon). I did an entire blog post on my Athleta leggings – essential for runners. And I finally managed to break in my Hokas, my go-to for getting in my steps and running workouts.

Fashion Lover

Truthfully, I could dub this second the luxury lover pt 2. But the pieces I’ve selected are the ones I’ve had my eyes on this year and have become a staple amongst the other fashion bloggers. There’s also the scene-stealer of the year – I’m looking at you Mach + Mach. I’ve also recently fallen in love with Bluebella Lingerie. And of course, if you’ve read my Christmas Wishlist, you’ll note that the Tory Burch boots are my prediction for this season’s boot winner.

The Traveler

I’m so grateful that I was able to travel this year. We definitely went from minimal/non-existent to let’s get back into the travel chaos again at WSS which means I’ve gotten to test a few new things for you. The first thing is the mono Pro Carry On bag. I’m obsessed. 

I’ve been needed a new carry on but wanted something slightly smaller that would work for more international flights. I loved the idea of the easy access pouch on the front (it’s perfect for throwing things in before security screenings). It’s won me over enough that the Medium version is on my Christmas Wishlist. 


The Chef

Now I can’t say I’m alwa \ys the most patient cook. But every now and again my inner Ina Garten comes out and likes to take over the kitchen. For me, it’s all about having tools that make life easier whether that’s cooking or cleaning up. So if they are going to make it onto our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, they need to live up to the hype.

This year’s winners: Our Place (their Alway’s Pan & the new launch), Terrakaffe (always), Souper Cubes (the best for saving leftover soup), my vegetable chopper (the reason my poke bowls look so fancy) and a few other select items.


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