The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

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When it comes to holiday shopping, I am obsessed with finding the perfect gift. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve found someone the perfect present. And to me that means finding gifts that make someone feel seen and supported. So this year we’ve expanded the categories a bit in our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide with a few separate guides still to come.

Gifts for mom and the best gifts under $50 most certainly deserve their own moment. But for now, make sure you turn on sale notifications for your favorites and subscribe to the newsletter for our Black Friday round up. You’ve got some shopping to do and I’ve got you’ve covered so let’s dive in.

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Christmas Gift Guide

The Luxury Lover

I personally define luxury as a feeling over a price tag. And there are some brands and products that just nail this. The Dyson Airwrap will always be on my guide because it’s just been that girl for me for the last several years. But you could also have a luxury moment on a smaller budget with a Bacarat Rouge candle or this Dior lip set & clutch. I am drooling over both the YSL and Jacquemus bags. And Patrick Ta is always a slay when it comes to everyday luxury moments.


The Healing Homebody

If I’m honest, I feel like a mix of every category on today’s Christmas Wishlist depending on the time of the month. When my inner introvert has been doing too much or my to-do list feels too long, my homebody card gets played. And there are a few items that make my space a bit extra cozy.

Barefoot dreams + Barbie is the collab we all need in our lives. These Sorel slides are giving me pure comfort shoes. I’ve gifted the AD 100 book and it’s packed with so much incredible inspiration for making your home cozy. And of course, we want everything to smell good, always so the Pura is perfect.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #whatsavvysaid #christmas2020 #christmasgifts #giftguide #christmasmug #imthepresent

In Her Running & Pilates Era

This year has found my wellness habits on a bit of a rollercoaster. But thankfully, as we draw to the end of 2023, there are a few things that have been major in helping me break out. Firstly, my Oura ring has been a game-changer for tracker my sleep and setting me up for better habits (full review here). I did an entire blog post on my Athleta leggings – essential for runners. And I finally managed to break in my Hokas, my go-to for getting in my steps and running workouts.

I put off getting the Theragun for ages thinking I would need the bigger one. But to be honest, I’m quite happy with the little guy. A Sauna blanket is at the top of my wishlist this year for de-stressing and recovery. And runner girlies know, beats are the upgrade we all need in our lives. 


Fashion Lover

After a year of Barbie, my wardrobe is starting to shift with a balance of neutrals coming back in to play. The UGG boots we’ve all been drooling over the last year (that I own in pink – no one is shocked). A casual chic sweater to go with them. The cutest little teddy bear bag from Marc Jacobs. And this belt moment that adds a bit of easy elegance to your sweater dress collection.


The Booktok Baddie

We all know the girl who swears she’s just going to read one chapter and then stays up for 3 hours because she just can’t put the book down. Or the girlies with TBRs longer than they will physically ever be able to read in their lives. And yet we love them all the same because we too are booktok baddies.So here’s what we need for this holiday season.

A library stamp so all the books we loan out can find their way back to us. The iced coffee cup that acknowledges we know we have a problem. A clicker so we can be our most comfortable while spending quality time with our book boyfriends. The kindle holder so we can be even more hands free.


The Traveler

Over the years of traveling fairly regularly,  I’ve found that every so often my system can use a refresh. And as a creator, I often find I’m traveling with luggage differently than I did before. Thankfully there are so many little things that make it easier to travel and help me feel my most organized. Ps. I have an entire post on how to create your own pre-packed travel system here.

The Chef

Now I can’t say I’m always the most patient cook. But every now and again my inner Ina Garten comes out and likes to take over the kitchen. For me, it’s all about having tools that make life easier whether that’s cooking or cleaning up. So if they are going to make it onto our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, they need to live up to the hype.

This year’s winners: Our Place (their Alway’s Pan & the new launch), Terrakaffe (always), Souper Cubes (the best for saving leftover soup), my vegetable chopper (the reason my poke bowls look so fancy) and a few other select items.


There are still more gift guides to come! But if you haven’t caught them all yet, be sure to check out:

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